ANLCA official roars over illegal invasion of Secretariat by expelled members

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ANLCA official roars over illegal invasion of Secretariat by expelled members

* Expelled members are weaklings, cowards – Says Val Iwuchukwu

A top official of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Mr Val Iwuchukwu, has emphasised that expelled members allegedly used vacated Court injunction to invade the National Secretariat illegally.

Mr Iwuchukwu, who is Attorney at Law, also the Media Assistant to ANLCA’s National President spoke in reaction to illegal invasion of the Association’s Secretariat, which has been widely condemned by stakeholders in the maritime industry.

His assertions :
“Even if the interim injunction is not vacated, the injunction did not give any person order to seal the National Secretariat.

“Imagine Taiwo Mustapha that a Court Judgment declared persona-non-grata as far as BOT is concerned and had subsequently been expelled from ANLCA leading hoodlums to invade the National Secretariat.

“This is the third time he is involved in this gangsterism. Each time he strikes, he runs back to Portharcourt where he hides in the creeks of Rivers State. He has always gotten away with his banditry, but this time, he will not.”

He roars :
“They are even cowards, they only wait when NECOM members are not in town to strike. They monitor the Secretariat very well before they strike and when no one is in sight except female corpers, those they can intimidate.

“Like criminals, they only come when owners of the house are far away. They would have met resistance of the highest order.”

He pointed out :
“They once sent ganja smoking criminals after the NP, now Obicee and innocent female corpers to physically assault and molest them. They are indeed cowards and weaklings. Forget about gentlemanly, can any of them stand before Tony Iju Nwabunike,
or Obicee on the road for a fisscuff? They will end up in hospital, because man will meet man; and feather weight will be crushed. They can not, because they are men with half legs, half hands and dead brains.”

His words :
“I learnt Mr Mustapha after the illegal act quickly changed hotel and had gone into hiding.
They have all gone into hiding. I thought they came to take over the Secretariat. They must have sensed how hot the soil radiation in the Secretariat could be for them.

“What they did is illegal, they took three policemen, who made sure that they were not caught on camera because they knew that their mission was illegal and can be interpreted as criminal when inventry is duly taken.

“As leaders of ANLCA have assured, this set back will be resolved once and for all in a few days.”

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