Assistant Comptroller Nwala :  Beauty plus intelligence, equal to perfect beauty !!!

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Assistant Comptroller Nwala :  Beauty plus intelligence, equal to perfect beauty !!!

….She is beautiful but humbled; intelligent but unassuming

Behold the latest Assistant Comptroller of Customs

Assistant Comptroller Nwala : When beauty meets intelligence, it gives room for excellent performance.
She is beautiful but humbled; intelligent but unassuming. Her beauty shines just like a star.

Academically, she is sound; professionally, she is a star; personally, she is a pleasant person to work with. Officers who worked with her at different Commands said something unique about her skills, ingenuity and expertise in Customs operations.

Her name is Mrs Nkeiru Nwala, she is Assistant Comptroller of Customs. AC Nwala was among the promoted officers decorated in Lagos recently.

The decoration ceremony where AC Nwala was given her new Rank was an epoch making event, the best of its kind in Zone ‘A’.

The very moment of her decoration with new Rank received the loudest ovation, as the sustained applause continued, awakening great enthusiasm in guests, senior officers and media practitioners who graced that special event.

Our correspondent observed that the decoration of AC Nwala, was indeed a special occasion. When she was called out for her new Rank, she stepped forward gracefully. Her beauty attracted the attention of all in attendance. Her beauty sparkled more and more, as she moved elegantly with a beaming smile.

Her carriage was appealing and her sedate dignifying, as AC Nwala stepped out to be bestowed with the honour of wearing the Rank of Assistant Comptroller of Customs, a well deserved promotion. Many thanks to the Comptroller General of Customs, CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, for bringing transparency and integrity to bear in all aspects of Customs activities.

The occasion took interesting dimension as her decoration was still going on. Some Customs officers and newsmen at the background couldn’t stop talking about the exceptional skills of AC Nwala in public relations.

Some described AC Nwala as a guru in public relations, while others talked about her skills and intelligence in carrying out her statutory responsibilities.


The first female PRO to embark on Customs operations in smugglers forest 

She has served Nigeria Customs Service diligently as Public Relations Officer in various Commands and made the Service proud with her dedication to duties.

Our Correspondent gathered that AC Nwala who just concluded a Course in Customs College, Abuja was the second best graduating student and best Female graduating student of her set in the entire exercise.

The case of AC Nwala is like when beauty meets intelligence. Indeed, when beauty meets intelligence, it is equal to perfect beauty. Yes, AC Nwala is physically very pretty and equally efficient in the job. She is an epitome of hard-work and resilience, as shown in numerous accolades on her name.

Sometimes, Madam Nwala can be fearless and dogged. She was the first female PRO to embark on Customs operations in a dangerous terrain,  which took officers over 7 hours drive into the smugglers forest at unknown destination in Oyo State, a frightening experience that remains unforgettable on the mind of our Correspondent till now.

When Mrs Nwala was decorated with her new Rank as Assistant Comptroller of Customs, our Correspondent went memory lane to recall vividly that terrifying outing. On that fateful day, Nwala, who was PRO of Oyo/Osun Command and her Boss, Compt Oteri Richard (retired), invited our reporter for an assignment, which turned out  to be a long journey into smugglers  forest, a dangerous place that appeared like a lion’s den, and surrounded by massive rock. That horrible experience exposed our reporter to the dangers Customs officers face in their anti-smuggling operations.

Our Correspondent also captured her rising profile in brief details, as shown below. Academic Qualifications:
Currently AC Nwala is a Doctorate Degree candidate (PhD) at Lagos State University, Lagos. She holds M.Sc in Education Psychology from Imo State University and B.Sc. Degree in Education Political Science from University of Nigeria, Nsuka.

Professional Work Experience :
AC Nwala served briefly as the Public Relations Officer of TinCan Island Port Command; the Zonal PRO, Zone ‘A’ Headquarters, Yaba, Lagos from 2020 -2022; PRO Apapa Area 1 Command from 2017 -2020 and PRO Oyo/Osun from 2010-2017. She is a recipient of numerous accolades. Mrs Nwala is happily married with children.

Intelligent but unassuming


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