Echoes of N1.130trn revenue at TinCan Command 

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Echoes of N1.130trn revenue at TinCan Command      …As Compt Nnadi puts maritime Journalists on their toes again

…declares 2024 year of stakeholders

Compt Nnadi addressing Journalists during the press conference at TinCan

The disclosure of N1.130 trillion revenue figure at TinCan Island Port Command of Nigeria Customs Service echoed for two hours in the conference hall, as the Area Controller, Compt Dera Nnadi mni, handled the microphone during a press cconference on Tuesday.

Before dropping what sounded like a bombshell in Naira and kobo, Compt Nnadi first stepped into the conference room, looked at faces of Journalists already seated and said, ‘We are all involved. The importers, freight forwarders, maritime media and all stakeholders must work together to meet this target”.

The Action CAC known to be an incurable optimist said emphatically: “This task is surmountable !  We are ready ! We can do it ! No one should be afraid of these figures !

Compt Nnadi went on; “In 2023, the allotted revenue target for TinCan Command was N801.1billion. Despite all economic difficulties in the early part of the year, we realised N716.5billion, which is 89.43 percent of the target.”

Compt Nnadi and his officers during the press conference 

Looking at that impressive performance, the Customs management gave the Command N1.130 trillion revenue target for 2024.

The CAC said : “Due to our hard work and remarkable performance in 2023, the Comptroller General of Customs  CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, and his management, in 2024 allocated a revenue target of N1.130 trillion to TinCan”.

Giving analysis of the revenue figures, he informed : “To achieve this revenue target, we have to collect N94.23billion every month, N21.7 billion weekly and N4.23billion on daily basis.

“The N1.130 trillion target allotted to TinCan Command is 27 percent of the national target for the Service in 2024.

“We have introduced a reward system to encourage compliant stakeholders, on what we entrenched in 2023, 24 hours operations in TinCan Port, weekend operations,  night operations and extended service delivery. The port must function 24 hours because the port does not sleep.”

Compt Nnadi, the incurable optimist

Speaking further, Compt Nnadi, who is passionate about economic development of the Nigerian nation, openly declares 2024 a year of stakeholders at TinCan port. He gave credit to compliant traders who paid appropriate duty to boost revenue collection for the Command in 2023.

He stressed; “The year, 2024 in TinCan has been declared as the year of stakeholders. We strongly believe that they are going to reciprocate the kind gesture to us by paying appropriate duty, making honest declaration and being compliant at all times.

“The emphasis should be on integrity of the container not on physical examination, because after scanning, if there is any infraction, the container must be handed over for physical examination”

Responding to question on if emphasis on revenue target will be detrimental to trade facilitation,  the CAC explained :  “Nigeria’s economy is import dependent and we must collect revenue. Not that we don’t manufacture anything in Nigeria; but we do not manufacture enough for a population of over 20 million people.

“However, revenue generation will not affect trade facilitation in any aspect because we are going to match service delivery with revenue collection”

On if Customs will give maritime Journalists a check-point to generate revenue to meet the huge target, Compt Nnadi said ; “Every Journalist mounts a check-point with his reports.

“But remember, the reports you write are what foreign investors use in making investment decisions on where to put their money.”

More so, the Action CAC again tasked maritime reporters on developmental Journalism, putting them on their toes to look inward and see the good side of Nigerian economy.

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