MAJAN declares Compt Shauibu Powerful Pen Personality of The week  …Congratulates him on his decoration by ACG Jibo

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MAJAN declares Compt Shauibu Powerful Pen Personality of The week  ...Congratulates him on his decoration by ACG Jibo

Compt Shuaibu, tested, trusted, experienced, reliable, dependable 

The Maritime Journalists Association of Nigeria (MAJAN), has declared Comptroller Ahmadu Shuaibu as the MAJAN-Powerful Pen Personality of The Week. The association gave Compt Shuaibu this special honour after his decoration by Zonal Coordinator, Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Zone ‘A’, Lagos, ACG Mohammed Bello Jibo, on Tuesday.

Compt Shuaibu’s decoration by the ACG himself was a special one, an honour well deserved for anti-smuggling guru with unwavering commitments on the service of his fatherland. He is tested, trusted, experienced, reliable, dependable and highly knowledgeable in Customs procedures.

Compt Shuaibu can rightly be described as exceptional Customs officer with proven track record of hard work, tenacity and bravery.

When it comes to anti-smuggling operations and enforcement duties, he is outstanding. Academically, he is sound. Intellectually, he has the expertise.

A disciplined and thoroughbred
Customs officer, who has demonstrated high level of professionalism in handling his statutory functions at all times,
Compt Shuaibu has served Customs at various capacities, transversing different Commands with remarkable performance.

When it comes to enforcement duties,
Compt Shuaibu has become a household name in Nigeria Customs Service, and most important, he is always making the Service proud.

This dependable, intelligent and uncompromising personality was a Staff Officer in Federal Operations Unit, FOU, Zone ‘A’, many years back.
He served in Enforcement department ofFederal Operations Unit, FOU, Zone C, Owerri; where he battled economic saboteurs at the hinterland to a standstill. While in Zone C, the news of Shuaibu’s exploits was heard by all and sundry.

From Owerri, he was posted back to FOU Zone ‘A’ where he served as DC Administration for a short period before he was made the Coordinator of Customs Strike Force Zone ‘A’, Lagos.

His impressive performance as Strike Force Coordinator Team A, with spectacular seizures of Pangolin scales and other prohibited items are still on record, despite the scrapping of Customs Strike force by CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR.

Kudos to CGC Adeniyi in his wisdom of discovering great talents in the Service and bringing them to limelight

Compt Shuaibu was again posted to Ogun – 2 Customs Command, as the Area Controller, where he made excellent performance in revenue collection from excise. While in Ogun 2 Command, he discovered numerous factories and brought them under excise control.

CGC Adeniyi, a straight forward leader, a Man who believes in appointment by merit saw the potentials, intelligence in Compt Shuaibu and quickly posted him to Ogun 1 Command Idiroko. Kudos to CGC Adeniyi in his wisdom of uncovering great talents in the Service and bringing them to limelight.


Today, with Shuaibu as Area Controller, the story of anti-smuggling drive at a volatile border area like Idiroko is taking a new dimension.

Compt Shuaibu became the first Area Controller to make massive seizures of contraband worth millions of Naira at Ogun 1 Command within just two weeks of assuming office.
That exceptional performance made news headlines to the extent that the CGC came from Abuja to address a press conference in Abeokuta.

Compt Shuaibu, the man, his style and rising anti-smuggling profile; tested, trusted, meticulous and highly experienced in enforcement duties.


MAJAN observed that during the decoration that Mrs Shuaibu joined ACG Jibo in decorating her husband. A brief but memorable moment captured by the lens of reporters camera.

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