CGC Adeniyi, swift at work and heart  … leads officers on 6.6 – kilometer walk

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CGC Adeniyi, swift at work and heart  ... leads officers on 6.6 – kilometer walk

…Inspects projects in Abuja 

The Comptroller-General of Customs, CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, is certainly swift at work and heart. The word boredom does not exist in his personal lexicon. He is efficient in carrying out his statutory duties, as well as physical fitness.

CGC Adeniyi demonstrated this when he led his officers on a 6.6 kilometer walk in Abuja.

Photographs taken during the walk

The programme titled; ‘Walk Life Balance’ took place at the iconic Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja, on Saturday January 6, 2024.

In a remarkable display of commitment to both personal well-being and the success of the Nigeria Customs Service, CGC Adeniyi succeeded in undertaking a 6.6-kilometer walk with his subordinates.

The fitness initiative, a recurrent practice for the CGC, underscores Adeniyi’s dedication to harmonising the demands of a rigorous Customs profession with the imperative of maintaining physical and mental health.

In an exclusive interview after completing the refreshing walk, CGC Adeniyi highlighted the importance of such exercise for himself and his officers, acknowledging the strenuous nature of their duties, particularly in bustling urban centers.

“Every weekend that I am in Abuja, we try to make it count that we really want to achieve a balance between the rigorous demands of our work and the need to stay fit, to stay healthy,” said CGC Adeniyi.

He further emphasised the necessity of integrating regular physical activities into the lives of Customs officers, acknowledging the daily challenges they face, including traffic congestion and family issues.

“We have to keep ourselves in a very high level of mental physical fitness. We really have to motivate ourselves,” he added.

Drawing a parallel between the distance covered during the walk and the ambitious revenue target set for 2024, CGC Adeniyi expressed confidence in the Service’s ability to achieve its financial goals.

His words :  “If you compare the distance of 6.6 kilometers that we covered this morning with the figure of revenue, which we want to generate in 2024 – and put trillion Naira behind that figure, then it means we have achieved our revenue targets for 2024.”

CGC Adeniyi’s unwavering commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance not only exemplifies his leadership but also sets a precedent for a thriving and resilient Customs Service in 2024.

Similarly, in a stride towards prioritising the well-being of the officers and men of the Service, the CGC has affirmed his commitment to enhance their welfare through a comprehensive infrastructure initiative.

The on-going Customs projects             This ambitious project, located close to Namadi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, is made up of residential buildings, offices, schools, worship centers, officers’ mess and a shopping mall strategically designed to accommodate over 2500 officers working in Abuja.

Speaking on the project, CGC Adeniyi stated, “Our officers dedicate themselves tirelessly to their duties and it is our responsibility to reciprocate their dedication by ensuring they have not just adequate but befitting housing and essential social amenities. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to their well-being.”

Speaking further, the CGC noted that the multifaceted project aligns with his broader agenda to modernise and improve the overall working conditions within the Service.

To him, the inclusion of educational facilities, worship centers and recreational spaces reflects a holistic approach to fostering a supportive community for Customs officers and their families.

According to him, as the project takes shape, it signifies a positive step towards elevating the living standards of those serving on the frontlines of Customs operations.

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