Customs conference innovative strategy aligning with policies of federal government – President Tinubu

From right; CGC Adeniyi presenting a gift to Vice President Kashim Shettima at CGC's conference in Lagos

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Customs conference innovative strategy aligning with policies of federal government – President Tinubu

…Says data is light guiding global economic landscape

From right;  CGC Adeniyi presenting a gift to Vice President Kashim Shettima at the opening ceremony of  CGC’s conference in Lagos

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, has applauded the Comptroller General of Customs, CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, for his initiative in organising the on-going Customs conference, describing the programme an innovative strategy in aligning with the policy of Federal Government in economic transformation.

The President gave this commendation yesterday, at the opening ceremony of CGC’s Conference 2023, organised by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), under the supervision of CGC Adeniyi, at the prestigious Lagos Continental Hotel.

Tinubu, who was represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, said; “The theme of 2023 CGC’s conference; ‘Leveraging data analytics for secure and efficient trade facilitation in Customs operations’ is most appropriate because data is light guiding the economic landscape of the world, so we must move with the light in driving economic revolution in Nigeria. We can not function in darkness.

“We need data in important decision-making for economic growth and development. Also, data is needed in our trade relations with the international community.”

He pointed out :  “This conference is a well thoughtout initiative and we commend CGC Adeniyi for organising this strategic programme. The President believes in establishing a robust public service. I’m proud of Nigeria Customs Service in embracing innovation and data analytics. This will make the Service to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Customs globally.

“I’m indeed proud of ambitions of the Customs CG in trying to accumulate data and utilise data analytics in shaping a public service system, which upholds data integrity in its operations.

“The first brick of this journey requires investing in capacity building for training and retraining of Customs officers to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their counterparts in other parts of the world, also, to build infrastructure that will provide the best minds anywhere in the world.”

Vice President Shettima recalled :
“Ten years ago, I predicted that Adewale Adeniyi will one day become the Comptroller General of Customs. Today, I’m happy that my prediction has come true. He is a good leader. His performance so far is proof of his excellent leadership qualities. ”

Vice President Shettima addressing participants during the opening ceremony of CGC’s Conference in Lagos.

He informed :  “Every part of the world needs data because every day, we are reminded of expanding volume of data upon which vital decision-making in economic activities must be rooted to achieve the desired result.

“For so long, we have been hindered by lack of comprehensive data.
Our current governance landscape requires transformative intervention and the solution is what has brought all of us here today. Therefore, the timing of this clock of modernity is inviting us to take action now
in filling the gaps, since we have taken charge to build on what our predecessors have done.

“This realisation is what prompted the President’s strategic placement of Nigerians on critical positions in these appointments, to ensure not only strategic planning, but also the cultivation of Nigeria as a hope for refining minds in the global knowledge economy.

“Before we were given this mandate, we knew that every facet of our lives is woven with data. As such, we need
transformative intervention and the solution is on leveraging data analytics to make decisions. Data provides the sharpest lens to connect the dots even in establishing security of our borders and to easily determine the future of our economy. With data, we can easily determine the movement of people and goods around a particular border and even share indisputable information with other nations.

“The current administration is determined to position Nigeria as a prepared destination for all stakeholders involved in export and import activities that are overseen by Customs”.

***This is the first part of the report.  We will bring you  highlights and overview of the CGC’s conference in our weekend analysis. Watch out !!!

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