Customs Image Maker, CSC Maiwada, standing tall in his career …Receives accolade 

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Customs Image Maker, CSC Maiwada, standing tall in his career
Receives accolade 

Photographs taken during the programme

The National Public Relations Officer of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Chief Superintendent of Customs, CSC Abdullahi Aliyu Maiwada is standing tall in his career, as he has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Spokesperson of the Year’ Award.

The Award was conferred on him by Spokesperson’s Digest, a division of Image Merchant Public Relations.

The event, held in Abuja and attended by distinguished personalities, showcased Maiwada’s exceptional public relations contributions and unwavering commitment to the Nigeria Customs Service.

In an exclusive post-award interview with NCBN Correspondents, Maiwada said :  “This accolade not only acknowledges my dedication but also inspires me to elevate my contributions further. My motivation comes from a deep passion for my work and the unwavering support of my dedicated team”.

Known for his dynamic leadership style, Maiwada attributed the success to the collaborative efforts of officers in his department.

His words: “Today’s recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of my team, serving as a motivating force to strive for excellence.”

Beyond the immediate team, Maiwada expressed gratitude for the motivational guidance he receives from the Comptroller General of Customs, CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR and his Management Team.

He highlighted his belief in extracting the best from his work, adding, “I believe in getting the best out of my work and this passion, combined with the support of my team, as well as the guidance from my elders have been the driving force behind my success.”

The National PRO, recognised not just for his professional acumen but also for his commitment to mentorship, urged organisers to continue appreciating the dedication and enthusiasm of media practitioners and agencies.

He emphasised the need to sustain a culture of recognition for those making significant contributions in their respective fields.

In his closing remarks, Maiwada extended heartfelt appreciation to the Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs Headquarters Adeogun Alajogun, who represented the CGC at the event for his unwavering support, acknowledging his pivotal role in his accomplishments as the direct supervisor of the Nigeria Customs Service Public Relations Unit.

The ceremony not only celebrated an individual’s achievement but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and dedication within the Service, reinforcing their commitment to excellence in public relations.

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