Compt Dera Nnadi mni : The Personality Behind The Name 

The guru, after his one-year training at the prestigious National Institute for Policy

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Compt Dera Nnadi mni : The Personality Behind The Name 

The Anti-smuggling Czar

The personality behind Compt Dera Nnadi mni, reveals a dependable, reliable and resourceful officer, with unbreakable passion for the service of his fatherland. Officers who work closely with him, even stakeholders, have known him to be focused, efficient and straightforward in carrying out his statutory duties.

Just few weeks ago, Compt Nnadi, who is highly meticulous and result-oriented, achieved one year revenue target in just 8 months, even as he surpassed the allotted target of N1,966,000,000 billion, with extra N122,578,048.03 (approximately N122.6million), which represents 6.23% increase.

The statistics obtained by our correspondent revealed that the revenue target given to the Command in year 2023, was N1,966,000,000 billion. Impressively, as at Friday, September 15, 2023, the Command had already collected N2.088billion, meeting and even surpassing the allotted revenue target.

Most remarkably is the fact that Compt Nnadi and his team exceeded their revenue target meant for one year in only 8months. When Journalists asked him, the strategy behind that great feat, such unprecedented revenue collection, Compt Dera Nnadi gave the credit to his dedicated officers, compliant stakeholders and top Customs management. His words; “This was a result of painstaking efforts made by the leadership of the Command in partnership with our stakeholders to ensure compliance with our revenue generation agenda”.

His tenacity in doing the right thing stands him out at every Command he works. Compt Nnadi is a great professional, highly skilled and
methodological in Customs operations. He understands Customs procedures like the back of his palm, he is intellectually sound but unassuming. A patriotic citizen, who believes strongly in making Nigeria a great nation. He does not hesitate to say boldly that Nigeria is his beloved country.

Compt Nnadi ; intelligent, astute administrator but unassuming

In his concluding speech on Thursday, September 14, 2023, when the leadership of TinCan Island Port Command was formally handed over to him, Compt Dera Nnadi said; “Let us work together and rebrand TinCan Customs Command”.

To some people, it was just a simple statement, but to those who know him too well and his pedigree, it was a strong assertion from a dogged officer with the zeal to succeed.

This is exactly what is playing out at TinCan Port Command now. Just 11 days in office, Compt Nnadi is valiantly and speedily rebranding TinCan Port, putting the Command on the trajectory of increased revenue collection.

The Public Relations Officer of TinCan Command, N. N. Okwara, in her comment on Customs-Media platform, confirmed the resilience brought to bear in Customs operations at TinCan by Compt Nnadi.

Her exact words : “The arrival of Compt Nnadi mni, as the 20th Area Controller, Tincan Island Port Area Command has proven that norms can be reformed.

“On his resumption in September 14, 2023, he said, “the Command revenue target of over N801billion currently stands at 52 percent, with barely 3 months to the end of the year 2023, meaning we must collect 48 percent of the remaining revenue.”

She pointed out : “Precisely 11 working days in office, a commendable milestone has been achieved. The Command surpassed its monthly target by 120 percent.” This was his recent statement, as he appreciated all efforts put in by the Command staff to achieve this

“Number 13, paragraph 2; of the Comptroller General press conference speech on his first 100 days in office states: “Key performance indicators for the Nigeria Customs Service were revealing gaps that demand immediate attention”.

“This, Compt Dera Nnadi has identified, putting in strategies to block those gaps in TinCan Isalnd Port Area Command.

“This morning, I noticed the Nigerian Flag, flying above the Area Controller on the Google platform.
Permit me to say that Compt Nnadi, has staged the Command on a global platform where all eyes will be. Nevertheless, norms are reformable and the sky can be a starting point for us all.

“On behalf of the Customs Area Controller, TinCan Command, may I sincerely wish us Happy 63 Independence Day and pray that we join hands with our resolute Boss to keep the flag flying”.

Yes, aside these assertions by TinCan Customs PRO, is a seasoned career officer, astute administrator and a go-getter, who will stop at nothing to promote professionalism and best practice in public office. He has successfully raised the standards of ethical values and the right decorum in previous Commands he served before his deployment to TinCan Port, where he is replicating the same now.

The guru, after his one-year training at NIPSS

Not too long ago, Compt Nnadi, fondly called anti-smuggling Czar, successfully completed his one-year training at the prestigious National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, Jos, Plateau State.

Compt Nnadi has served Customs in various capacities. He was part of the committee on review of Customs & Excise Management Act (CEMA). He worked in Public Relations Unit of the Service where he performed creditably. The records proved that he was an active part of the system in 2006, during the period of Port Concession exercise, which paved the way for Customs destination inspection practice, followed two years later with the Common External Tariff and E-Payment system by Customs, which became operational in 2008 fiscal year.

More so, he worked at Customs Headquarters. He also served as DC Enforcement, TinCan Command, He was DC administration, Ogun 1 Command Idiroko, before he became the Area Controller. Most recently, he was the CAC of Seme Border Command. He surmounted the challenges at Seme occasioned by years of border closure and came out not just in flying colours; but with astronomical increase in revenue collection.

When Compt Nnadi was DC Enforcement at TinCan Port,
the Command recorded high profile seizures that attracted encomiums within the shores of Nigeria and the international community.

The spectacular seizures included two different containerised consignments of arms and ammunition. The seizures made news headlines locally and internationally, so much that, the Comptroller General of Customs then approved special promotion for the officers involved in those outstanding operations. Those were not all.

Recall that Compt Nnadi was the DC Enforcement at TinCan Port, when the Command made historic seizure of stolen cars, which were repatriated abroad. The CAC of TinCan Command then was Compt Bashar.

Through intelligence, they monitored the vessel that carried the consignments from the port of loading to TinCan Island Port and intercepted the items on arrival at TinCan. The vehicles were; gold coloured Range Rover Suv 2014 with Chasis No.SALGS2VFGEA126188 and black coloured Range Rover Suv 2015 with Chasis No. SALGS37FOFA23330.
In June 2017, the cars were handed over to Interpol. The vehicles loaded in a 1x40ft container, number UACN 548368\1 were imported from Washington D.C in the United States of America and declared as Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Cruiz with some bicycles. Based on intelligence signal made available to Customs from Interpol, all consignments from the United States were placed on high surveillance to ensure that the suspected container was tracked.

From right; CGC Adeniyi and his subordinate, Compt Nnadi…both men have somethings in common

Our correspondent observed that Compt Nnadi and the current Customs Boss have somethings in common. Both officers are workaholics. Both of them believe in integrity and efficient service delivery for national development. Both men believe strongly in making Nigeria a great nation. They are officers of like-minds.

The difference between them is physical height. While CGC Adeniyi has extraordinary height like a gallant soldier, his subordinate, Compt Nnadi is physically fit. A no-nonsense and uncompromising officer.

Anywhere you see Compt Nnadi, he looks very smart, vigilant and always on the move, especially when he is addressing Journalists during a press conference. He abhors economic sabotage and illicit trade, such that the displeasure on his face is usually quite glaring when he talks about smuggling.

Sometimes, he walks stylishly, looking very serious and unapproachable. But, aside that official demeanour, he is a nice gentleman, very friendly person, who supports hard work and ideas that promote economic growth and national interest.

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