Customs FOU raises red flag on alarming use of dangerous drugs 

The CGG Adeniyi, the CAC of FOU Zone A and other officers during the press conference yesterday :

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Customs FOU raises red flag on alarming use of dangerous drugs 

...Intercepts another shipment of illicit drugs

The seized drugs :


The Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone ‘A’ of Nigeria Customs Service has raised a red flag on the use of dangerous drugs, as the Unit intercepted another shipment of illicit drugs smuggled into the country.

The seizure was made when operatives of the Unit stopped a DAF truck close to Ijebu-Ode Junction. An examination of the truck revealed the concealment of 299 cartons of codeine syrup, along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.

The timely intervention by Customs FOU becomes imperative as part of its unwavering commitment to safeguarding the society and protecting the well-being of citizens.
The Unit once again demonstrated its dedication to eradicating the menace of drug trafficking.

This giant stride by FOU Zone ‘A’ in seizing illicit drugs is coming just two weeks after the same Unit made mind-boggling seizures of pistol pouches, bulletproof jackets, jack knives and other prohibited items within its area of responsibility.

The doggedness of FOU operatives in seizing dangerous drugs and offensive items in the economic ambience is saving Nigerians from health disaster associated with illicit drugs.

CGC Adeniyi, the CAC of FOU Zone A and other officers during the press conference yesterday :

Addressing reporters yesterday during a press conference, the Comptroller General of Customs, CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, said :
“The Service is again drawing national attention to the danger posed by unrestricted access to the use of dangerous drugs. Codeine syrup is designated as a controlled item due to its rampant abuse by our delinquent youths.”

The Customs Boss frowned : “The misuse and illicit distribution of codeine-containing medications have given rise to grave security and public health concerns, contributing to a surge in addiction, adverse health effects and societal challenges.”

He continued : “In response, regulatory measures have been implemented to curb its availability and unrestricted access. This underscores the importance of addressing this issue as part of broader efforts to safeguard public health and well-being.

“On our part, we will continue to partner with NDLEA and other relevant government agencies to curb the spread of the menace and protect the future generations of Nigerians.

“Smugglers of rice and premium motor spirit continue to test our will to put them out of business. Smuggling of rice compromises our revenue and sabotages our food security. Despite the biting effects of fuel subsidy removal on our economy, smugglers still attempt to smuggle PMS across the border. They met their waterloo in different operations conducted by Customs”.

More so, during the press conference, the following seizures were unveiled; 4,252 bags of foreign rice (50 kg each), intercepted at Saki Axis Oyo State, Owode/Ado Odo in Ogun state, Idiroko/Ohumbe Ogun State, Okoko Mile 2 Axis. In Lagos and Ekiti States, 5,600 litres of petrol were intercepted when smugglers attempted to take out the petrol through Oja-odan axis in Ogun State.

“Other items seized in the last two weeks include: 291 bales of second-hand clothes; 57 sacks and four jumbo sacks of used shoes; 486 cartons of foreign poultry products; 190 pieces of rugs; five units of vehicles; 170 used tyres; among others.

The CGC and his team showing massive seizure of foreign rice recorded by the Unit

The CGC pointed out : “These seizures are a fallout of our uncompromising position to strictly enforce the law and protect the lives of our people. The codeine syrup, which is reportedly being abused by mostly young persons in society, is associated with addiction, in the long-term, results in anxiety, depression, memory loss, damage to the liver, kidneys and brain.

“It is pertinent to note that the damaging effects of drugs have led to preventable deaths for consumers taking them outside doctors’ prescriptions.

“340 used tyres seized within the first two weeks of August 2023 by this Unit is not only limited to implementation of import prohibition lists but also a giant stride to mitigate auto crashes caused by smuggled used tyres. These tyres are squeezed and compressed together for ease of concealment, thereby causing them to crack.

“They are oftentimes expired, their rigidity and strength compromised. Drivers could experience a blowout or sudden rupture as the steel wire meant to keep the tyres in shape has been disorganised in the course of smuggling.

“We once again advise that any investment made into the smuggling business is meant to be a loss because we will keep battling these enemies of our country. I urge all patriotic Nigerians to continuously support Nigeria Customs Service with helpful information that will aid our efforts to curb smuggling and arrest suspects”.

Seized items :



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