Chief Henry Njoku does not need ANLCA, but ANLCA needs him

Chief Sir Henry Njoku

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Chief Henry Njoku does not need ANLCA, but ANLCA needs him

(Written by Val Iwuchukwu)

Chief Sir Henry Njoku

I have explained what happened at the botched NEC Meeting of 26-06-2023 and how the opposition brought miscreants who were neither NEC members nor invited guests to disrupt it.

I also promised to give further details so that my readers will have a deeper understanding of what lies behind the unruly behaviour of those that constituted nuisance in that meeting; NEC meeting that would have chatted the way forward and usher-in the much talked about unity government for ANLCA.

As the NECOM election draws near, it becomes very clear that it is going to be a one horse race. If the election takes place tomorrow or anytime in the near future, it is going to be landslide victory for one side of the divide. This, some people have argued, may not strengthen the desired unity. You know, if you want to beat a friend, beat him to the level he will save his face. The defeat the opposition will suffer if we go into election will be humiliating. It was on that premise that some people worked hard to draw Chief Sir Henry Njoku and some other notable ANLCA leaders to a NEC Meeting that may adopt unity government and take some proactive moves that will ensure stability in the post NECOM election of ANLCA.

But some people who have phobia for Sir Henry Njoku thought he was staging a comeback to BOT. You don’t blame them completely because when Henry sneezes, they catch cold. That led to the panic and scampering, lesser men decided to boycott the NEC meeting giving flimsy excuses. They did not stop there, they hired miscreants they christened Task Force to disgrace themselves not Ikeọha.

The worthy Knight of the Great Indigenous Order of Saint Mulumba – Sir Henry kept his cool, remained calm and unruffled as he walked away.

It is left to be seen what becomes the fate of those unseen hands in that show of shame, whether any reasonable ANLCA member will honour their invitation for any meeting when they decide to exercise the authority they literarily usurped.

Chief Henry Njoku, a proud Patron of ANLCA

Talking about Chief Sir Henry Njoku, earlier this month at Swiss Spirit Hotel, PH, he said something that sank into the subconscious of many ANLCA members. He said that position is nothing but attitude one brings to the position of authority is everything. He said that today, he is a proud Patron of ANLCA and he will drive the Patronship of ANLCA to an enviable height that it will become attractive to all, to the extend that it will be the dream of many to one day become ANLCA patron.

Attitude to service is everything, according to him. To succeed in any position, you must be seen to be selfless and a problem solver QED.
According to him, it is only in so doing that rich benefits in abundance will reach the problem solver.

The truth is that Sir Njoku never wanted to remain a BOT member. He voluntarily gave way for those coming after him to take over and unleash their talents.

If he had wanted to remain in BOT, he would have taken advantage of the documents released by CAC on the authentic members of ANLCA BOT where his name appeared top to sit tight. He does not need any NEC or AGM endorsement to do that because it is a matter of right, his legal right. But far from it, for him to be a sit tight leader.

At his lofty political height, his dream is beyond BOT of ANLCA. Most of my readers understand what I am saying. He commands larger than life image in Imo State politics.
He remains a beautiful political bride being courted by every divide and every group because he has value to bring to the table, even as he matches into the center of Nigeria.

Ikeoha Gburugburu has the contacts, personality and the means to bamboozle his way through any scenario and compel discordant voices to concur. Even his good looks and gentle disposition open doors. Truthfully, at this stage of his life, he does not need ANLCA, but ANLCA needs him badly.

What the NEC Meeting wanted to address apart from issue of unity government is to forestall the circumstance whereby any person who loses election will not succeed in Court or elsewhere by claiming that the BOT that supervised the election is not registered.

What happened at the National Secretariat on 26-06-2023 will not change any attitude or plan and ANLCA will NEVER fall into unworthy hands.

Val Iwuchukwu, writes from
ANLCA’s National Secretariat

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