TinCan Customs unveils astronomical revenue collection of N574.3bn

Compt Oloyede Interacting with Journalists during the press conference :

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TinCan Customs unveils astronomical revenue collection of N574.3bn

Records N80.6bn increase against the previous year

Compt Oloyede Interacting with Journalists during the press conference  :

The TinCan Island Port Command of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has unveiled astronomical revenue collection of over N574,290,210,599.38, (approximately N574.3billion), from January to December, 2022.

The Customs Area Controller (CAC) of the Command, Compt A.A.S. Oloyede disclosed the skyrocketing revenue profile of TinCan Port yesterday during a press conference.

The N574.3billion revenue collection shows a large increase of N80.6billion, when compared to N493.7billion collected in 2021 economic year.

The 2022 revenue profile shows an excellent feat realised through hard work and resilience, as the whopping sum of N80.6billion increase represents 16.33 percent difference over the previous year revenue collection.

Speaking further, Compt Oloyede, who is known to be ICT guru pointed out :  “This feat could be attributed to constant rejiging of measures geared towards sustaining the Command’s Revenue profile and utilisation of some disruptive strategic measures, such as periodic capacity building, reshuffling and redeployment of officers using the SWOT analysis, implementation of VIN valuation, Automation of the 846 procedure, re-introduction of Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology (NIIT) equipment to the Command, proper profiling, system audit, thorough examination and detailed but clearly inputed inspection acts”.

The CAC went on :  “The Command also ensured robust and continuous stakeholders’ engagement and collaboration with all sister government agencies, as well as maritime associations. These led to timely intelligence sharing, utilisation and voluntary compliance to extant laws by the trading public.”

Anti-smuggling :  Giving information on anti-smuggling activities of TinCan Island Port under his leadership, Compt Oloyede explained :
“The Command increased surveillance on declaration made, in order to sniff out improper declaration, as well as offensive items. This strategy paid off with the Command recording a total of 38 sezures with Duty Paid Value of N1.8billion.

“These seizures comprise of 763pkgs of Colarado (Cannabis Sativa) weighing 345.1kg, with a street market value of N714.6million as given by the NDLEA; 5 x 40 Containers of used tyres; 1,150 Bales of second hand clothings, 1,190 Cartons of 20per Cartons of potassuem Bromate and Baking Powder; 11,392 Cartons of 1200 per Carton Armcol injection Chloroquine Phosphate 322.5mg.5ml (IV and 1M); 206,000 pieces of finished matchets; 1383 cartons of 5O rolls per carton of cigarettes; 650 cartons of new Ladies Shoes; 2,666 pieces in 36 pallets of new starter ex-premium inverter batteries; 1980 cartons of assorted Non-Alcoholic Beverages and 1048 Cartons of tilda Basmatic Rice.

“Others include 2594 pieces of Ammunition and 20 arms comprising of one Pistol with 611090 (S/W) model JCP 40mm; 1 Used Co2 Air pistol with accessories cal 117(4.5m)BM; one Marksman repeater pistol, 6 Mace pepper guns and 10 suspected arms of various types.”

He continued :  “These seizures recorded when compared with 2021 record of 27 seizures with Demand Notice (DN) of N607.3million, shows increase of 11 seizures and N1.2 billion DPV.

“The increase in DPV rate could be associated with increased surveillance and intensified anti-smuggling drive, high value of seized items and Naira-Dollar depreciation, which leads to high exchange rate on imported items.”

Export trade :  The CAC revealed :
“The Command recorded significant increase in FOB of Exports in the penod under review to the tune of $539,696,648 (N242,365,322,333.00), as against $496,075,796 (N141,985,109,159.00) recorded in the year 2021. This represents an improvement on the FOB by 34.4percent. This increase is attributed to hgh quality and value of the exported commodities”.

His assertions :  “However, the Export report shows a decrease in Tonnage of Export from 1,723,986.8 in 2021 to 336,179.5 in 2022. The decrease in tonnage could be connected to current Government Fiscal Policy, which prohibited export of wood and wood products, as well as global unrests with its concomitant economic challenges.

“The commodities exported through the Command include Cocoa Beans; Insecticides; Dried Ginger; Empty Bottles; Soya Beans; Cashew nuts; cigarettes; Rubbers; Butter; Frozen Shrimps; Copper ingots; Aluminium Ingots; Sesame Seeds and other manufactured items. Cocoa Beans was the highest exported commodity while the legend stout was the least exported commodity.”

The CAC assured : “The future of export at TinCan port looks brighter, as the Command in line with the headquarter circular on export Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) released a Port Order on the Command’s Harmonised SOP for seamless facilitation of export trade in strict compliance with extant laws and guidelines.”

Interacting further with reporters on exceptional performance made by the Command in 2022, Compt Oloyede said :  “It is expedient to call to your remembrance, my expressed vision of renewed enthusiasm in areas of Discipline, Professionalism, Trade Facilitation, Import, Export and Transit Trade, as well as revenue drive free from exploitation and intimidation.

“Hitherto, the Tincan Island Command ended the year, December 2022 with modest achievements in areas of revenue generation, trade facilitation, enforcement/anti-smuggling operations amongst others, as stated already.

“The modalities put in place guided in identification of areas of revenue leakages, blocked same and leveraged on available facilities on NICIS 11 Platform for enhanced Risk Management Processes climaxing in accelerated Customs Clearance Processes, Trade Facilitation
and ensured collection of appropriate duties and Taxes.”

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