Tony Iju’s victory in ANLCA : Rule of Law is better than Rule of Force – Says Iwuchukwu

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Tony Iju’s victory in ANLCA :
Rule of Law is better than Rule of Force – Says Iwuchukwu

* As Police opens national secretariat

“Rule of Law is better than Rule of Force. With the unsealing of the National Secretariat of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), by the Police, this year wouldn’t have ended better”.

These were the words of Mr. Val Iwuchukwu, SSA Media to the National President of ANLCA, Hon. Prince Tony Iju Nwabunike.

Iwuchukwu made this assertion sequel to the unsealing of ANLCA’s national secretariat by the Police.

His words : “That Judgment of December 5, 2022 has far reaching consequences. If their suit was not dismissed. It means that the interim order granted by the same court against NECOM is sustained permanently. This would also mean that everything done by NECOM would be null and void, including the NEC/AGM at Owerri and supervision of BOT election of 2020.”

He pointed out : “The Plaintiffs through their Lawyers brought a strong, yet persuasive argument against the Abeokuta High Court Judgment. The honourable Court also dismissed that and advised them to go to Appelate Court, if they are dissatisfied.

“Thank God for Rule of Law. It is better than Rule of Force. When Intelligence report got to NECOM on August 24, 2022 that some aggrieved members of ANLCA led by one Alhaji Mustapha were coming to take over the National Secretariat, some suggested that NECOM should organise thugs to face them and prevent them from perfecting their plans but it was quickly jettisoned because it would give Police the impetus to seal the Secretariat which was what the aggressors wanted.

“To them, if they can’t have, break it, seal it. NECOM proceeded with their scheduled visit to Lekki Seaport. Despite no resistance, the Police went on to seal the Secretariat. They pinned their decision on the Interim Order (which supposed to have expired by effluxion of time) of this same Court to seal the Secretariat.

” Now, Judgment from the same Court has dismissed their application to sack NECOM, to sack BOT, to sack everybody, so that their dream Interim Government will prevail. Their application that NECOM should be held in contempt for disobeying Court Order to hold NEC/AGM in 2020 and electing another BOT when a suit is pending, approving a new constitution among other action in Owerri. But the Court dismissed that applications in a row, held that it was frivolous and lacking in merit.”

He continued : “This time Police has no choice than to unseal the Secretariat and allow the original landlords to access their property. That is Rule Of Law in action.

“Personally, I am not surprised, it has been prophesised from the very beginning. Tony Iju told me -Ugomba- (my titled name), don’t worry it will be well, victory is certain. He also told me that there will be storm that will expose those who are not with us.

“Dr Farinto made it clear that by the end of August, something will happen that will lead to the end of ANLCA crisis. He described it as the thing like switching of the heart of symbolic monster that is holding ANLCA.

“Even Alhaji Boujuri told me in 2019 and repeated it time and again that the victory of Tony Iju NECOM has since been signed and sealed in the spiritual realm only waiting for its physical manifestation and I believed him.

“On August 25th, I wrote here that even if they have all the contacts in this world. Even if they do all the PR in this world and all the Police in Nigeria support them, that it will get to a stage, they will no longer sustain it. That we should trust the ability of NECOM and Stakeholders to go round it successfully.”

According to him: “I argued that time will come when Almighty God will reveal himself in his great Omnipotence. To him be the glory”.

Val Iwuchukwu, SSA Media to the National President of ANLCA

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