Trade Facilitation :  Apapa Customs hits N181bn exports

From right, Compt Malanta addressing

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Trade Facilitation :  Apapa Customs hits N181bn exports

* Boosts federation account with over N790.6bn revenue

From right, Compt Malanta addressing the Journalists at Apapa Command  :

The Apapa Command of Nigeria Customs Service has made remarkable performance in trade facilitation, as the Command recorded 160 million tons of exports, valued at
N181 billion.

The Command also boosts the Federation Account with a whopping sum of N790.6billion revenue generated from January to September 2022.

The Customs Area Controller (CAC), of Apapa Command, Compt. Yusuf Malanta Ibrahim, disclosed these details during press conference in Lagos, today.

He revealed that the N790.6billion revenue shows an exponential improvement of N181.5 billion, when compared to N609 billion collected the same period in 2021, with increment of 29.8 percent.

Responding to questions on the volume of cargoes being scanned by Apapa Command, he explained; “We have come a long way on this issue of scanning and right now, we are scanning cargoes in Apapa port daily.

“We requested for 150 containers for scanning but the shipping companies agreed on 100 containers. And we are carrying it out effectively, because during the process of scanning we have suspects. When that happens, we keep such suspected containers aside for re-check. Initially, we had 30 minutes downtime for bringing containers to stacking area, but that also reduced to 15 minutes, which is an improvement.

“At Present, we work every Saturday and Sunday to ensure the port functions 24 hours.

“In reality, scanning has come to stay and we need to accept it. This is the normal practice all over the world. We must ensure international best practice in our port operations like what obtains in the global trend.

“We are appealing to all importers and stakeholders to comply with the rules of engagement, to enhance seamless cargo clearance from the Port.”

On Anti-smuggling drive, the CAC informed : “Anti-smuggling activity has been one of the command’s focal points, especially with the activities of some unrepentant traders, who are always looking for ways to undermine our system. The Command has fortified its forensic manifest management to monitor and detect fraudulent transactions through audit trial, to ensure illicit trades are being tracked before declarations are lodged.

“The enforcement unit has been reinforced through improved collaboration and sharing of credible intelligence with relevant government agencies to suppress smuggling activities to its barest minimum.

“For the period under review, the Command recorded 145 seizures of various items with Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N12,496,672,122.00 billion (approximately N12.5billion).

“The seized items include unregistered medicaments, such as tramadol and codeine, processed/unprocessed wood, used clothes, female shoes, men shoes, foreign rice, tomato paste, vegetable oil and other items, which are under import/export prohibition lists”.

Compt Malanta emphasised :
“These importations are in clear breach of sections 46 and 47 of Customs and Excise Management Act, CEMA CAP C45 LFN 2004.”

Items seized by the Command :

His assertions :  “This remarkable achievement was made possible because of our officers’ tireless commitment to ensure that all revenue leakages are being mitigated, as well as sustaining the level of compliance by importers/stakeholders in the clearance value chain.

“At this point, let me state clearly that Apapa Command is continuously ready to assist in facilitating legitimate trade and ensuring that all forms of smuggling activities through false declaration on import/export done in defiance to extant trade guidelines will be detected through our layers of control mechanism.

“Our esteemed stakeholders should join hands with the Command to ensure that items, which are on the import/export prohibition list are strictly adhered to. We urge them to embrace the emerging realities of Customs examination through non-intrusive inspection (NII) regime.

“The non-intrusive inspection regime is geared towards increasing volume of cargo inspection, protection of national security, saving cost/clearing time, storing reliable data and images for reference purposes, and reducing human contact in the examination of containerised cargo”.

Seized items



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