2023 presidential election : NNPP presents Kwankwaso as concensus candidate

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2023 presidential election :
NNPP presents Kwankwaso as concensus candidate

* NNPP will redefine Nigeria through quality leadership – Says Dr Aniebonam

“Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso
will redefine Nigeria through quality leadership and good governance. He
is the sole presidential candidate of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) for 2023 general elections”, said the National Chairman and Founder of NNPP, Dr Boniface Aniebonam.

Dr Aniebonam made this declaration while addressing a world press conference yesterday, at NAGAFF headquarters in Lagos.

He said emphatically that Senator Kwankwaso, former Defence Minister and Governor of Kano State is the best Man for the job.

The Founder expressed optimism that Kwankwaso has experience, capacity and the expertise to lead Nigeria on the right trajectory

He stressed :
“Kwankwaso is a man of God and now is the right time for God’s intervention in our country. Nigeria needs a strong leader like Kwankwaso, a Man with strong character and patriotism to move the country forward.”

He went on :
“NNPP Commenced its operations in 2002, to mobilise Nigerians to reinvent a new Nigeria of our dreams. 21 years after, the journey for a new Nigeria has begun.

“God has decided to intervene in our country through NNPP. To achieve this objective, the need for collective responsibility becomes inevitable to redefine Nigeria through quality leadership.”

Speaking further, Dr Aniebonam stressed that good governance has eluded Nigeria for so long, such that it’s extremely difficult to earn a good life.

This, he said, is remotely caused by disrespect for the rule of law and regulations, as well as inability of government to effectively enforce the laws of the land.

Dr Aniebonam revealed that the National Convention of NNPP is slated for June 8, 2022 in Abuja and Senator Kwankwaso, will to be returned unopposed.

Highlighting numerous challenges impeding economic growth and development in Nigeria, especially in the maritime industry,  Dr Aniebonam said that the challenges can be addressed through good governance.

His words :
“The problems of Nigeria are solvable if only leadership is divine. This is because there are no difficulties in bringing all the nationalities together to discuss on how best we can live together as a people. On the aspect of economy, we must move Nigeria from a consuming nation to a productive economy. With all our human capital and natural endowments, the resources are available to cater for social amenities, sports, youth development and education.

“Indeed, God has been kind to us to live a good life but corruption seems to be our bane, as a human factor which is avoidable. Let me at this point re-echo the importance of politics as a matter of interest, who gets what, where and when.

It is public knowledge that NNPP originated from the transport industry, logistics businesses and Customs facilitation. It is therefore very important we play a major role in ensuring that NNPP emerges in the forthcoming election 2023. This has become necessary to enable us address the industry problems from within.

“It is important to remind all of us that for the period under review, the industry practitioners complained of low productivity and corruption. Yet, nobody is listening to us, to the extent that our professional callings cannot be achieved including job satisfaction. Therefore, we must engage the leadership of NNPP to extract firm commitment from them.

“We must therefore form a strong block to drive membership and finances as part of our contributions to the success of NNPP in 2023. It is only then we can bargain effectively with a view to securing our interest and better future”.

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