Sallah Ocassion : ANLCA Helmsman, Hon. Tony Iju Salutes Muslims from Diaspora

Hon. Nwabunike, the great Colossus :

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    Hon. Nwabunike, the Great Colossus, Salutes Muslims from Diaspora :

Sallah Ocassion :
ANLCA Helmsman, Hon. Tony Iju Salutes Muslims from Diaspora

* Says government agencies should discharge their duties without compromise

“Government agencies owe Nigerians the duty to be compliant in discharging their statutory functions without fear or favour and totally avoiding compromise of their positions for personal gains”.

These were the words of the National President, Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Hon. Prince Tony Iju Nwabunike.

Hon. Nwabunike, the Great Colossus, spoke yesterday from diaspora while saluting Muslims on the occasion of 2022 Eid El Fitri celebration nationwide in Nigeria.

Hon. Nwabunike, who is a maritime expert and astute Entrepreneur said :
“Anytime I hear the word compliance as a parlance in our trade area used in addressing private sector players, I feel a sense of narrow minded expression by the users of such mode of communication.  Holistic compliance will make technology work for us and present us truly as nation builders, who obey the teachings of our religious leanings.

“We all have roles in building our country and the trying times we have found ourselves places enormous responsibilities on our shoulders”.

He emphasised :
“Obedience to rules governing our operations is the key to unlocking many untapped but identified channels of successes.

“I want to urge politicians and public servants superintending over us, who are adherents of the faiths to lead Nigeria with the fear of God.

“Specifically for our Muslim brethren, Eid El Fitri should not be seen as the end of being nice until the next Ramadan comes. It should not be a leeway to return to deviance and disobedience”.

Hon. Nwabunike pointed out:
“If we shun schisms , show more love and do works of charity during Ramadan, we can continue in that path forever as a way of re-creating a more peaceful and prosperous Nigeria”.

His words:
“The Eid El Fitri celebration, which marks the end of a month long Ramadan fast period is instructive in our national life as Nigerians.

“Indeed, our Muslim brothers and sisters have gone through a period of self denial, persistently praying and always giving alms to the needy in line with the dictates of their faith.

“These great virtues teach us love , tolerance and selflessness associated with the teachings of the revered Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

“As a Catholic, our lent period this year coincided with many days of the Ramadan month. I know that the good works believers practiced during fasting can be sustained after the fasting period.”

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