Sallah celebration :  ANLCA calls for strict monitoring of VIN Valuation policy implementation

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Sallah celebration:  ANLCA calls for strict monitoring of VIN Valuation policy implementation

* We will engage NASS on 15% NAC – Says ANLCA Acting President, Dr Farinto

The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), has called for strict monitoring of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Valuation policy implementation, which may commence anytime soon.

The Acting President of ANLCA, Dr Farinto Kayode (PhD), made this known in his goodwill message to
Muslims on their Eidel Fitri celebration, even as he commended Nigerians on Workers-Day occasion.

ANLCA Acting President also said that the Association will engage National Assembly on the issue of 15% NAC Levy.

His words :
“On behalf of the entire NECOM, we congratulate all stakeholders, particularly freight forwarders on the Eid El Fitri and Workers Day celebrations.

“Our Muslim friends have successfully completed the Ramadan period and it is only by God’s grace that we are all living to witness this Sallah celebration, as it also coincides with workers day occasion, hence we say congratulations to all of us.
May this period bring peace and tranquility to the maritime industry.”

He went further :
“It is obvious that Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), will implement VIN Valuation this month, going by the news filtering around us in the industry.

“We need to monitor this because people who will not want the process to be successful may introduce things outside our agreement into the procedures.

“We have released the agreed procedures on clearance of Standard Chassis VEHILCES that fall within VIN valuation and Non Standard chassis vehicles, salvage and accidented vehicles few days ago”.

Dr Farinto pointed out :
“We need to allow these new changes, going by all we go through in the hands of Customs units to clear vehicles in the ports. Even when you take your valuation, many alerts are put on the declarations. It takes the grace of God and difficult conditions to get vehicles out of the ports.

“As if that is not enough, you need to know the number of calls we receive from our members delivering these vehicles within and outside Lagos environment.

“Many Customs units will say your values are compromised and must be jacked up. Many of us will be at their mercy pleading that Demand Notice
(DN) should not be issued on already exited vehicles.

“These and many other issues are what we believe The VIN valuation policy will eliminate.  Many agents have been given forged valuation papers by third parties and are left to suffer the consequences of whatever happens.”

He emphasised :
“We do not need all these protocols to get our vehicles out of the ports. We promise to challenge any Command hindering seamless vehicles clearance from the ports when this new process commences.”

Dr Farinto informed:
“The issue of 15% NAC Levy will be pursued vigorously immediately after the Sallah break. We will engage the National Assembly (NASS) on the need for them to know that this government is not sensitive to the plight of the masses, to have introduced levy at this period when the economy is in comatose.

“We will also ensure that the Federal Ministry of Finance is dragged before the peoples’ representatives on this matter.  Since the CRFFN Governing Council may also be inaugurated this week, it will be our first issue to be raised at the plenary, which needs urgent national attention.

“All our efforts to eliminate NAC levy are being done in collaboration with Motor Dealers Association.

“The inconsistency in government policies is an eye opener.
We will enjoin our members to give over five million votes in the maritime industry to a Presidential candidate who will be explicit on how to assist the freight forwarding profession, as well as implementation of peoples’ welfare policies come 2023.

“We won’t allow anyone to fool us like this outgoing government is doing. We are gradually losing our profession to foreign domination, courtesy of lack of law that will protect indigenous practitioners.”

Dr Farinto urged :
“We must however come together to achieve greatness.
Injury to one, should be injury to all. I wish you all happy celebration”.

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