RMAFC faults fake news on alleged probe of Lagos State oil production status

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RMAFC faults fake news on alleged probe of Lagos State oil production status

* The report is false, misleading – Says RMAFC Commissioner, Dr Adekunle Wright

Dr  Adekunle Wright, the Federal Commissioner,  RMAFC :

The Revenue Mobilisation Allocation And Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), has called on the entire reading public and all Nigerians to disregard the report on alleged probe of Lagos State oil production status, posted on Opera New online.

The Federal Commissioner representing Lagos State at RMAFC, Dr. Adekunle Wright, made this known, describing the report as false, misleading and a deliberate attempt by the writer to spread fake news.

Dr Adekunle Wright, who is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration, said emphatically that
the details contained in the report are largely inaccurate, telling the public to ignore such wrong information.

He stressed, “Besides no such probe of any Lagos activity is on-going by RMAFC at present”.

The Federal Commissioner, Dr Adekunle Wright pointed out, “The crude oil monitoring Committee of RMAFC does not even have anything like that in its coffers. So, where is the probe coming from ? There is no element of truth in the report at all”.

“This false information is the handiwork of those spreading fake news in the country. Their motive is to deceive the public and cause confusion in the system”.

He added, “The online publication is a ruse and should be disregarded in its entirely. Efforts are on to unravel the source of this false information.

Our investigations revealed that the report does not have any reliable source. It is not attributed to any representative of the Commission. No name is mentioned for facts finding. The writer only mentioned the Commission without any authentic source for reference or verification.

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