Scanner at seaport will help in national security – Says Apapa Customs Controller, Malanta Ibrahim

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Scanner at seaport will help in national security – Apapa Customs Controller, Malanta Ibrahim

* It will easily reveal cargo with security threats

The Customs Area Controller (CAC) of Apapa Command, Compt Yusuf Malanta Ibrahim, has declared that the use of scanner at the seaport during cargo examination will help in national security.

He added that the scanning machine will easily detect cargo with security threats to the nation’s economy.

Compt Malanta made these assertions while addressing Journalists during a press conference, at Apapa Command of Nigeria Customs Service.

He explained that the scanning machine when fully deployed will reveal  concealment of prohibited goods and offensive items, which constitute security risks to the nation.

Giving more highlights on economic benefits of scanner at the seaport he informed :
“Deploying scanner at the seaport during the process of cargo examination is vital not only to increase revenue collection but for anti-smuggling operations, as well as national security.

“This is because the scanner has the capacity to reveal high-class concealments during cargo examination, thereby checking and preventing offensive items from entering the economic environment.

“Responding to questions on why the scanner has not been used few months after the Command received the equipment, he pointed out :
“A scanner is not like vehicle that you can begin to use immediately. There are processes, which must be followed before a scanner is fully deployed.

“For instance, we are training officers who will handle the machine. We are also carrying out image synchronisation, which is what will enable the scanner to reveal any type of concealment.
After synchronisation, we will do selectivity process for data”.

He pointed out :
“At present, we have carried out 70 percent of the procedures needed and very soon, we will deploy the scanner at the premier port.
Rail construction in the port is almost completed. But we are still urging importers and agents to ensure compliance. Let the media help us in enlightening  port users on the need to comply with government trade policies.”

Compt Malanta also said that a scanner has the capacity to scan up to 300 and 400 containers depending on the selectivity of data; but the most important thing is that the machine will uncover any concealment.

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