The killer water !!! How Compt Hammi Swomen saved Nigerians from the death-trap

The Killer water

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The killer water !!!
How Compt Hammi Swomen saved Nigerians from the death-trap

The Killer water

(Flashback by Udeme Clement)

Dear readers look at the photograph above. What can you see ?
Ofcourse water.
Yes, anyone looking at this image can easily see table-water ready for drinking.
Again, take a closer look at the table-water, give particular attention to the bottles. Did you observe anything about this water?
Well, anyone seeing this water for the first time, will just drink it, afterall we take water every day.

But there is something about this water, which makes it appear like poison that runs in the blood, capable of killing innocent consumers.

Dear readers, recall that this killer-water was intercepted in April, 2021 by the Customs Area Controller (CAC), of Kirikiri Lighter Terminal, (KLT) Command, Compt Hammi Swomen and his officers through credible intelligence.

Our Correspondent on her Sunday news analysis went memory lane to recall the ingenuity and resilience of KLT Customs Command in swiftly seizing the expired water, thereby saving the lives of many innocent Nigerians, who would have consumed this killer – water.

Imagine if 16,920 bottles of expired water, fully loaded in 40ft container had entered the Nigerian market unchecked !
Imagine the health hazards such contaminated water would have caused for unsuspecting consumers!
Imagine the number of innocent Nigerians who would have consumed that kind of water !
Imagine the number of lives such bad water would have affected in the country!

These were the thoughts on the mind of our Correspondent, who witnessed the unveiling of the contaminated water intercepted by Comptroller Swomen and his men while on duty.

It was indeed a mind-boggling seizure. But the Customs officers with their ‘Eagle-eye‘ acted swiftly to save Nigerians from that death-trap.

Our Correspondent also observed that the seized water fully loaded in 40ft container had expired since March 16, 2021, with the expiring date written on each bottle, yet the water was imported into Nigeria, to the detriment of unsuspecting consumers in the country.

The CAC and his team showing the contaminated water :

With the swift interception of 16,920 bottles of expired water, Comptroller Swomen and his team averted what would have caused a major health disaster to Nigerians, if the contaminated water had entered the local market unchecked.

It was also observed that though the bottle looked very attractive on the outside, the expired water did not appear really pure when placed side-by-side with locally made water brought from the Command.
The 16,920 bottles of expired water simply identified as ‘Augus-Towanka Table water’ was estimated at a Duty Paid Value -DPV of N5,493,033 million, (approximately N5.5million).

Compt Swomen, who was equally astonished at the level of economic sabotage by some unpatriotic citizens said the seizure was classified under
Schedule 3 item No 14, 4 and 11 of the Ecowas Common External Tariff (CET) 2017-2021 Import prohibition list.

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