Customs at PTML Command hits N205bn revenue collection for FG

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Customs at PTML Command hits N205bn revenue collection for FG

* As Compt Okun rejigs operational strategies

The Port Terminal Multiservices Limited (PTML) Command of Nigeria Customs Service has generated a whopping sum of N205,157,566,605 (approximately 205.2billion) revenue for the Federal Government.

This huge amount was generated from January to November 2021, following rejigged operational strategies put in place by the Customs Area Controller (CAC), Compt Festus Okun.

Looking at the successes recorded by the Command within the period under review, Compt Okun urged all stakeholders to continually increase their compliance level.

He revealed that the amount realised is 21 percent higher than N169,160,504,980 billion collected from January to November 2020, with a difference of N35,997,061,062 billion.

According to the Area Controller, “the increase in revenue collection is due to a combination of higher volume of trade, improvement in compliance level and strategies put in place to prevent revenue leakages”.

Going further, Compt Okun applauded the stakeholders for taking advantage of the improvement in cargo clearance, especially vehicles that are exited from the customs zone within four hours.

He said; “I must commend the importers and agents using our port for the improvement recorded in compliance level. Most of the regular cases of infractions being taken to enforcement for appropriate sanctions when I resumed newly, have become things of the past.

” It is pertinent to remind them that they make more profit and save time for their businesses when they comply.  This strategy is paying off for them”.

On non-compliant traders, he said;
“What we do to non-compliant people is to give them maximum Demand Notices concerning their infractions with  appropriate penalty, which is 25 percent of total duty accessible.

“When we discovered that this was not even punishing them enough, we introduced a system where we make sure that you go through series of processes that might keep you probably a week or two longer in the system. By this, you incur more expenses for your importer, who may not likely give you another cargo to clear, which means you are sending yourself out of the market.

“So, we ensure that if you comply, you get the best of the services possible within 24 hours, which promotes you as an efficient operator. But when you try to circumvent the system and you are delayed, it sends a signal that you’re not a transparent agent or cargo handler, so you will be losing in the market.

” Since nobody wants to lose in the market, people are keying into the system, and now we are almost achieving an equilibrium where everybody knows the right thing to do. This is a win, win situation for them and the government” .

In the same vein, the CAC at a recent meeting with officers of the Command commended their commitment to work and urged them to keep making PTML Command user friendly for greater productivity.

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