Travel Restrictions : UK suspends VISA issuance for Nigerians

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Travel Restrictions :
UK suspends VISA issuance for Nigerians

At present, the British Government has suspended VISA applications from Nigeria until the UK ban is lifted.

This latest development formed part of the letter issued by the British High Commission concerning UK Visa applications and travel restrictions.

The document revealed that the Government of UK has taken a decision to stop issuance of VISA for visitors from countries on the red list including Nigeria.

This, according to the document becomes necessary for the Government in
UK to protect public health from COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other variants, pending when the travel restrictions will be lifted.

The letter stressed that restrictions on visitors VISA include those traveling to the UK for tourism, visit to friends and family members, individuals going for health care services, those going for short-term business transactions, as well as short-term research or exchange programmes.

The letter reads:
“If you apply for visitors VISA from a red list country, your applications will be paused. You will not receive any decision on your visit VISA application.
You will not be able to request for refund of your VISA fee once you have given your biometrics at VISA’s Application Centre (VAC). If you are already holding a valid visit VISA and wants to travel to England as a visitor from a red list country, you will not be allowed to enter”.

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