Freight Forwarders crisis with Shipping firms :   Shippers Association lauds NSC on initiative to tackle regulatory issues at Port

The SAL President

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Freight Forwarders crisis with Shipping firms :  
Shippers Association lauds NSC on initiative to tackle regulatory issues at Port

* Ports Regulators must brace up for 100% enforcements – Jonathan Nicol

The SAL President

The President, Shippers Association of Lagos State (SAL), Jonathan Nicol, has commended the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers’Council (NSC), Hon Emmanuel Jime, for following the path of Peace towards resolving the lingering regulatory issues in the Port between Freight Forwarders and Shipping Companies.

The SAL President said; “It is high time we come together to resolve our challenges, through dialogue, from time to time, which is man made, by being logical.

“It is our duty to provide cargo and get our cargo seamlessly henceforth, so that, all unwarranted pressures from stakeholders should cease and the Ports Regulators should brace up to handle 100 percent compliance and enforcements with Standard Operating Procedures in line with International best practices.”

According to him; “Shippers Association of Lagos State speaks on behalf of the National Shippers’ Association of Nigeria, that much as the Freight Forwarders pursuits were in line, the Shippers were not carried along or informed whatsoever, neither were they  informed of the act of withdrawal of their services, which invariably will shut down the Ports.”

He pointed out;
” In future, Shippers should be carried along with any major agitation, which will affect clearing of our cargo or any Industrial action that will increase demurrages on our cargo, should there be withdrawal of services.

“With the positive action displayed by Nigerian Shippers’ Council. We are confident that trust will be re- established once again among Port users and service providers. We commend the Shipping Community for holding a very useful meeting, which is a prelude to establishing confidence in ourselves.

” We are in support of the Peace move made by the Management of Shippers’ Council.
In future, all actions related to 100 percent compliance and regulations within the Ports in Nigeria are the functions of the Economic Port Regulator and the Council of Regulations of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria, respectively.”

He stressed that Regulations and enforcements should be the direct functions of the Council. Shippers in Nigeria have gone through difficult times, especially with our Ports and stakeholders taking over the duties of compliance, as we understand it from the accredited Ports Economic Regulators.

” We are for the Shipping Lines as one of our partners even before the advent of extreme conditions, as a result of collapse of Government’s Economic policies. We therefore advise that the Shipping Lines should work with the Council and Shippers to fashion out new Policy that will restore the dignity of our cherished empire.’

His words :
“There should be no more threats and intimidations of any kind to the smooth operations of our Ports, neither should there be inducements of any type from the Service Providers to anybody or Organisations, whatsoever.”

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