NAGAFF drums support for ANLCA’s leadership under Hon Tony Iju Nwabunike as National President

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NAGAFF drums support for ANLCA’s leadership under Hon Tony Iju Nwabunike as National President

* Calls for prayers against enemies of NECOM’s leadership

* We stand side by side with ANLCA for the good of freight forwarding industry

The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), has called on all lovers of peace and tranquility in the freight forwarding industry to pray for the National Executive Committee (NECOM), under the leadership of Hon. Tony Iju Nwabunike, as the National President, Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA).

NAGAFF urged well-meaning freight forwarders to always put Hon Tony Nwabunike and his team in prayers
for God to uphold and protect them from the evil machinations of enemies of good relationship.

The National Publicity of NAGAFF, Mr. Clement Iwegbuna, made this timely appealed in a statement signed by NAGAFF management.

More so, the NAGAFF high Command also gave a directive that no officer of NAGAFF should join issues in the media against any individual member of ANLCA, because it is simply conferring undeserved popularity on the inconsequentials.

Mr Iwegbuna said;
“We shall continue to pray for the peace of our sister association and the wisdom of God always. It is most unfortunate that some members of ANLCA do not realise the political advantage of Hon Tony Nwabunike to the Association.

“The unnecessary tantrums by some delusional members of ANLCA against some notable personalities in the freight forwarding industry notwithstanding, NAGAFF is using this medium to call for prayers.
To us, we shall continue to work in harmony and collaborate with all sister associations for the advancement of freight forwarding profession in Nigeria”.

His assertions :
“What has the Board of Trustees got to do with the general administration of an association other than obligation of advisory role and custodian of assets, liabilities.
Indeed, we affirm to ANLCA as a sister association under the leadership of Hon Tony Iju Nwabunike and his NECOM members that we stand side by side with them to serve the freight forwarding family in Nigeria.

“For the avoidance of doubt, it is most unfortunate that the inconsequentials in ANLCA have been engaged in the blackmail of respected personalities but the fact remains that real and great men of ANLCA have been doing great by fostering friendship and brotherhood with other sister associations.”

He pointed out :
“It is on the visitors Register at NAGAFF headquarters in Lagos that great minds of ANLCA and other stakeholders had visited NAGAFF on a working tour and personal engagements in search of knowledge and socials. These include late Alhaji Sanni Shittu; Senator Sanni Kamba; Alhaji Olayiwola Shittu; Hon. Tony Iju Nwabunike; Prince Taiye Oyeniyi; Prince Ozo Chukwurah; Dr Kayode Farinto; Dr Obicee Okonkwo; Barr. Ada Akpunonu; Chief Alloy Agu; and High Chief Oye Ariyo.

“So, the little minds in ANLCA should gain the momentum of joining the process of a new Nigeria of our dream. The illegal press conference by some disgruntled members of ANLCA was noted. It is our hope that the NECOM and ANLCA would sustain and consolidate on the success made so far for peace and progress of freight Forwarding in Nigeria.”

He frowned :
“It is indeed disheartening that the lingering crisis among Board members of ANLCA has persisted. It is important to ask if members of the Board and ANLCA as an Association do not know that Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the arbiter on all matters connected to Incorporated Trustees of every association?
So, why is it that members of the Board have not approach the CAC for clarification, especially on a Court judgement on this matter”.

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