Smugglers Gbapu Oso ! Oso !! Oso !!! * Smugglers flee ! flee !! flee !!! A no nonsense enforcement guru is in town

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Smugglers Gbapu Oso ! Oso !! Oso !!!

* Smugglers flee ! flee !! flee !!!
A no nonsense enforcement guru is in town

From left : Compt Dera Nnadi taking over Ogun 1 Command from Compt Peter Kolo :

There are personalities whose vision and strength of character significantly shape, define and influence their societies ….. According to Historian E. H. Carr; in his book, ‘What is History”.

That was exactly what played out on Monday October 18, 2021, in the conference room of Ogun 1 Command of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), when Comptroller Dera Nnadi, took over the mantle of leadership, as Customs Area Controller (CAC) of the formation.

On that particular day, history was made in the life of a seasoned administrator, who has demonstrated exemplary attributes of passion, commitments and integrity for Public Service.

An officer, who by dint of hard work and resilience rose through the ranks to the very peak of his career in Customs Service.

Prior to his appointment as the new Area Controller of the Gate-Way Command and flagship of Nigeria’s border, Compt Nnadi, served in the same Command, as Deputy Comptroller in charge of Administration, where he played pivotal roles in running the Command effectively.

In that capacity, one can easily conclude that his sterling qualities and administrative acumen that contributed to the successes recorded by the Command, endeared him to the top Customs management as the best man for the job.

Even his predecessor, Compt Peter Kolo, described Nnadi’s appointment as; “A Round Peg In a Round Hole”. He enthused; “I am rest assured that he will sustain my legacy and even build on it”.

*The Enforcement Guru in Action* :
Smugglers Gbapu Oso ! Oso !! Oso !!!
As Compt Nnadi hits the ground running, as the Chief Enforcement Officer of Ogun 1 Command, the best thing is for smugglers to flee !
flee !!, flee !!!
because a no-nonsense officer is in charge.
He is reputed to be fearless and commited to the service of his Father- Land at all times.
Officers who worked with him on Enforcement operations, especially at TinCan Island Port Command, can attest to the fact that he is strict and uncompromising.
He is irrevocably commited to protecting the image of the Service at all times.

Compt Nnadi,
A Personality Behind The Name :
Sometimes, Compt Nnadi smiles; but his smile stops where his official assignment begins.
His best friends are compliant traders, who engage in honest declaration, pay correct import duty to the Federal Government for optimum economic prosperity. To him, those who engage in illicit trade are economic Saboteurs and enemies of the nation, as their nefarious activities are detrimental and inimical to economic growth and development.

* His zeal for Public Service has woven him into fearless and courageous Customs officer. He is highly cerebral.
His antecedents, particularly at TinCan Command were really prodigious.

Compt Nnadi has served Customs diligently at every unit he works. So, his current promotion didn’t come by chance. It’s well deserved by merit of performance.
His enormous contributions at various stages have been visible to the Customs Management.
By dint of hard work and steadfastness, he rose through the ranks to a Comptroller of Customs at present.

The record shows that he served as Zonal Public Relations Officer (PRO), in Zone ‘A’,
he was equally a PRO at Apapa Command, the premier port.
During 2006 seaport concessioning from Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to private terminal operators, Compt Nnadi was part of the system.
He was also there during transformation of Customs processes from Asycuda 1 through various stages to what we have today as
NICIS II platform.

More so, he was among the team when Customs began implementation of the first e-payment system to enhance seamless cargo clearance.
Also, the first time scanners were brought to the seaports, he was also part of the system.

As DC Enforcement, TinCan Island Port Command, Compt Nnadi worked assiduously under the leadership of Compt. Yusuf Bashar, who was Area Controller then, to repatriate stolen vehicles abroad. An outstanding assignment, which brought honour and International recognition
to Nigeria Customs Service and the entire Nigerian nation.
It is on record that the Enforcement Unit of TinCan under his watch was efficient, dynamic and responsive.

Known to be focused and result- oriented, the TinCan Command during his time as DC Enforcement made giant strides in spectacular seizures, which include arms and ammunition intercepted using profiling technique to monitor the container from highsea.

*A quintessential Public Relations Officer* :
Dera Nnadi is discerning and unassuming. When he was in public relations unit, he was very proactive in defending the Service. On many occasions, he acted in his capacity as PRO and spoke in favour of the Service, on issues related to Customs operations and agents disagreement.

One thing you cannot take away from Compt Nnadi is his understanding of Customs operations.
He knows the nitty-gritty of Customs activities like
the back of his palm.
For example, the workings of international trade agreement; cross-border trade relations; trade facilitation procedures;
trans-border crime detection;
details on review of Customs & Excise Management Act – CEMA;
risks management;
as well as strategic enforcement operations.
He has also served in various Committees on Customs procedures.

Just recently, he made a brilliant presentation at the occasion of ‘World Maritime Day’ cerebration, which erupted the loudest round of applause from dignitaries who graced the programme.

*Professional Accolades* :
An embodiment of knowledge but with humble disposition. Compt Nnadi is a recipient of World Customs Organisation Merit Award, among other professional accolades and affiliations.

*On the saddle in a volatile ambience* :
As the CAC of Ogun 1 Command – Idiroko, the border between Nigeria and Benin Republic, known to be a very volatile operating ambience, where smugglers attack officers at a slightest provocation, Compt Nnadi as enforcement guru is equal to the task.
He has Intelligence and operational competence to defeat smugglers at Idiroko border.

Therefore, as he sits atop Ogun 1 Command, as the CAC, expectations are high, even his subordinates are looking at him as a trail blazer and torch bearer to show phenomenal turnaround in their operational techniques.

As a pacesetter,
public administrator, whose vision and mindset radically imparted on the society for good,
he is expected to bring his doggedness and ingenuity to bear in tackling the menace of illicit trade at Idiroko border.
Compt Nnadi has no doubt distinguished himself in his career at various capacities.
Thus, tenacity to the right course of action must remain his imperishable quality at Ogun 1 Command, Idiroko.

* * * Smugglers Gbapu Oso ! Oso !! Oso !!!

From left : Compt Nnadi taking picture with ACG Modupe Aremu, after his decoration at Zonal office :
Compt Nnadi is a pleasant person but his smile stops where his official assignment begins. His is strict and uncompromising .


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