Encomiums, Excitement Glitz : As ACG Zone ‘A’ decorates officers in grand style

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*Show integrity, professionalism in your duties – Says ACG Aremu

  • Compt Dera Nnadi – Who the Cap Fits !!!

It was a moment of glitz, excitement and encomiums yesterday at Customs Zonal office in Lagos, as the Zonal Coordinator, ACG Modupe Aremu (Mrs), decorated promoted offiicers in grand style.

The epoch making event began with a welcome speech given by ACG Aremu herself, after the opening prayer and national anthem.

In her brief remarks, ACG Aremu applauded the
Comptroller-General of Customs, CGC Hameed Ali for the promotion, which she emphasised will greatly motivate the officers to do more in serving the nation. She described the promotion as exercise based strictly on merit of hard work

She said :
” We thank the CGC for this promotion.
To whom much is given, much is expected. This is the time for you to show complete loyalty, dedication and selflessness in carrying out your duties.
Integrity is the watch word.

“As promoted officers, you must show diligence and high level of professionalism in all areas of your assignments to justify the confidence reposed in you by the Customs management”.

The ACG stressed :
“I was at the headquarters in Abuja, during the selection processes for the promotion and can confirm to you that it was truly transparent and painstaking. For you to have emerged successfully means you deserve it. This should also serve as a morale booster for you to appreciate the management for your elevation to the next rank.

“You must at all times exhibit the virtues of hard work and commitment. You must be dedicated to your duties because only these could see you through. I must say that your promotion is well-deserved and so we are proud of your success. On behalf of the Comptroller-General and the entire management team, I congratulate you all”.

ACG Aremu with the assistance of Comptroller Nike, at the Zonal office, and Area Controllers in Zone ‘A’ decorated promoted officers on the ranks of Comptrollers, Deputy Comptrollers and Assistant Comptrollers.

Compt. Nnadi : Who the CAP Fits !!!
Our Correspondent observed that Compt Dera Nnadi was the first officer decorated at the Zonal office yesterday.
Pragmatically and by merit of hard work, Dera Nnadi deserves this honour.
Yes !, the Cap of promotion fits him.
The new rank fits him as a reward for integrity and hard work in serving the Nigerian nation.
The record shows that Compt Nnadi, has served Customs in various capacities and added value at every unit he works.

Recall that this same Compt Nnadi served as PRO at Apapa Command. He equally served as PRO at the Zonal level.
That was not all.
During concessioning of seaports from Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to private terminal operators, Compt Nnadi was there.
He was also there during transformation of Customs processes from Asycuda 1 through various stages to what we have today as
NICIS II platform.

“Few years ago as DC Enforcement, TinCan Island Port Command, Dera Nnadi worked under the leadership of Compt. Yusuf Bashar, who was Area Controller then, to repatriate stolen vehicles abroad. An outstanding assignment that brought honour to Nigeria Customs and the image of entire nation.”

Speaking briefly on the much talked-about e-Customs, Compt Nnadi said: “e-Customs is a good concept and will ensure complete automation of Customs processes. I was among the team when we began implementing the first electronic payment system in Customs.
Also, the first time scanners were brought to the seaports, I was also part of the team who assured stakeholders that it was a good development.
Today, we can all see the importance of scanners as key elements of trade facilitation in the maritime industry.’

On the whole, Compt Nnadi, who was accompanied by his beautiful Wife, encouraged officers who didn’t get their promotion now to be diligent until the next promotion.

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