Refrain from appointing Registrar as a Staff of Government for the Council – Fwdr Francis Omotosho

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  • Calls for due process in CRFFN election

The Registrar of NAGAFF Academy, Fwdr Francis Idowu Omotosho, has called on the Federal Government to refrain from appointing Registrar as a Staff of Government into the Council for Regulating of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN).

He made this known in a press statement made available to our Correspondent in Lagos.

He also said that the Minister of Transportation should follow due process in formation of various CHARACTERS coming to play at the WEMBLY STADIUM of CRFFN:

He added: “Federal Character (Political Appointees for the purpose of Nigeria Unity) is important.
The General Character of the Subject (Registered Associations of Freight Forwarders Harmonised into Freight Forwarders Consultative Council for the purpose of Unification and Harmony Amongst all Individual Freight Forwarders), should be put into consideration’.

He pointed out :
“Already the Associations have voluntarily on their own came together to speak with one voice. The Minister should not divide them by listening to individual characters. Rather, he should focus on other actors and characters in the game”.

Fwdr Omotosho emphasised on Institutional Character (Registered and Accredited Freight Forwarding Training Institutions, Registered Corporate Freight Forwarding Organisations and Institutions of Government relevant to Freight Forwarding for the purpose of Capacity Building, Evaluation, as well as Monitoring)”

His words:
“Refrain totally from employing or appointing a Registrar as a Staff of Government for the Council (Check out Councils of other Professions like COREN, Surveyor Council, etc) No Registrar would be appointed, if not a member of this profession from abinitio.”

He alleged, “The Ministry had successfully used the court to destroy the foundation formation of the Council.
The Minister should follow strictly due process in the formation of Characters in the Council.”

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