ANLCA National President, Hon. Tony Iju Nwabunike wept !!!

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*All for the love of his Mother

(Weekend Life by Udeme Clement )

When a great man weeps, two things are behind the scene. It’s either he is deeply in love; or has lost a loved one. That was exactly the scenario at Ozubulu community in Anambra State, precisely in August 27, 2021.
That fateful Friday afternoon, exactly 1.00pm, the National President, Assocation of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Hon. Tony Iju, wept openly.

The strong Man of ANLCA, a charismatic leader, a great ICON, a change mantra, who has fought many battles fearlessly, courageously and victoriously gave way to tears, as his beloved Mother was laid to rest finally.

Oh ooo ! Tony Nwabunike, the great High Chief of Ozubulu, wept openly for the love of his dear Mother.

Our Correspendent observed that his mode changed the moment the Casket was being lowered into the grave.
Hon Tony Nwabunike could no longer hold back his emotions, as tears rolled down freely.

It was also observed that the Casket carrying Tony’s Mum was a delightful sight to the guests. It was the most luxurious full couch golden designed Casket with automatic lowering devices all around it. The burial was indeed very classic. Describing it as a carnival is even an understatement.

For Tony, his beloved Mother was not just a Woman, who brought him to life in this world, after nine months of pregnancy, but his role model worthy of the highest honour from him; the best Mother in the whole world; a Matriarch of inestimable value; a woman of honour and integrity, a Mother, who impacted positively on all his undertakings.

Thus, the amiable President of ANLCA, seeing his Mother being lowered into the grave was like a part of him had gone. So, like any other human with flesh and blood running in his veins, he gave way to tears.

Such display of emotions was a clear demonstration of genuine love, concern and affection Tony had for his lovely Mother.
In fact, the inscription on the burial programme says it all, “In life, we loved you dearly, in death, we love you still. In our hearts, you hold a special place no one else will ever fill”.

Dear readers, one can now understand why indefatigable Tony Iju, the handsome, shiny, glossy guy, wept. His tears rolled for the love of his Mother.
Tony Nwabunike is the most handsome President ANLCA has ever produced, well polished, Intellectually sound, very articulate, a skilled speaker and fast thinker. Tony is fondly called “fine boy” by maritime Journalists.

Special thanks to his very beautiful Wife, who proved to be not just a dutiful Wife, but a faithful companion. Mrs Tony Nwabunike deserves commendation for her steadfastness. She is a good complement of her husband.
She is amiable person with a girlish smile that makes her more beautiful at a closer look.

Our Correspendent also observed that Mrs Tony Nwabunike, elegantly dressed to give her Mother-in-law the last respect, was beside her lovely wedded husband all through. She never left his side for a moment.
She stood by her husband when it matters most, whispering words of consolation to his ears.
Well, let me guess oh ooo ! Mrs. Tony was not only comforting her darling husband, she was equally reassuring him of her true love and affection. Her expression of love could be, “my sweet heart, I am here for you. I will always be here for you, as a Wife and Mother, please take heart”. Such comforting words spoken at the right time !

Mrs Tony no doubt has great beauty in height, shape and facial appearance.
She looks very attractive, extraordinarily beautiful but humbled and caring.

Obviously, Tony had been a good Son to his Daddy and Mummy. He took very good care of his parents when they were alive.

Our News inquest revealed that Tony enjoyed a special relationship with his parents, especially his Mother. Before her death, Tony brought his Mother under his roof in Lagos, took very good care of her, and she lived with him for about 18 years before she gave up her last breath. In fact, she died in his arms while giving him her blessings, at 91 years.
Similarly, Tony took care of his Daddy the same way. His Daddy lived with him and died in his house, after giving him his last blessings as well. This means, Tony is a Son blessed by both parents.

As a Son, Tony, obeyed the Bible principle that encourages children to care for their elderly parents.

In fact, aside from being kind and very considerate, one thing you cannot take away from Tony Iju is CHARISMA.
Tony is highly charismatic and very sophisticated. He is charismatic in words and movement. He has a good sense of dressing.
Throughout the burial ceremony he walked charismatically in such a manner that his arrival at every spot made special announcement even without microphone.

A brief look at his professional background, Tony Iju is a guru in maritime operations.
He is a great professional and astute entrepreneur.
At present, he sits atop Mactonnel Nigeria Limited, as the Chief Executive Officer.
He was the pioneer Chairman of Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN). As the current President of ANLCA, he brings fresh impetus to bear in leading the group despite challenges facing the association. He conducted the best election in the history of ANLCA, using high level of technology which paved the way for electronic voting nationwide. Tony, as ANLCA President has succeeded where others failed.
On the whole, Tony Iju is a pleasant person.
With the exceptional manner he buried his Mum, he demonstrated deep respect for Parenthood.

The burial of Mama Adaobi Nwabunike had come and gone, but the good memories and outstanding moments will linger for long on the minds of Anambra people. The burial ceremony brought who-is-who in Nigeria. Dignitaries who graced the occasion included former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, Senators; members of the House of Representatives; frontline politicians; captains of industries; maritime stakeholders; members of the civil society; top members of ANLCA from various chapters across the county; traditional rulers; religious leaders; women group; elderly women from Ozubulu Community; and youths who displayed appealing musical concerts.
In fact, Anambra State stood still for Nwabunike’s Matriarch.

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