N78.4 bn in June 2021 : Apapa Customs boss, Yusuf Malanta lauds officers on astronomical revenue collection

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*Promises fast track services for compliant traders

(Report by Udeme Clement):

Following impressive performance made by Apapa Command of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), with a huge revenue collection of over N78.4 billion in the month of June 2021, the Customs Area Controller (CAC), of the Command, Comptroller YUSUF MALANTA IBRAHIM, has given his officers special commendation for a job well done.

Addressing reporters during a press conference at the Command, Comptroller Malanta, attributed the astronomical revenue generation to hard work and commitments by officers/men of Apapa Command, in charge of the premier port.

He enthused: “It is worthy to note that the Command generated a total of N366 billion for the half year, January —June 2021, which represents 61 percent increase, when compared to N227 billion collected in the first half of 2020. This spectacular achievement was made possible by our officers’ resilience and commitments in ensuring collections of appropriate revenue”.

He added: “When I took over the Command, I looked at all the gaps and closed them. So, we rejigged our operational strategies and these have paid off with positive result in revenue collection for the Federal Government.

“For instance: “In my first month at the Command, we realised over N48 billion; the second month, we collected more than N52billion; the third month, we recorded over N64 billion and N66 billion in the fourth month, notwithstanding the holidays”.

Responding to questions on incentives his Command is giving compliant traders, in order to encourage them in the business, he explained: “After a long time of profiling without infraction, we award compliant traders fast track services. This implies that their cargo can be examined in their premises. As such, they will not pay demurrage in the port.

“So, what we are saying is that compliance is the key, because it fast tracks cargo clearance and enhances trade facilitation as well”.

Thus, aside from revenue collection, Apapa Command also facilitated huge export trade. For example, the export statistics of the Command shows that goods worth N272.3 billion had been exported through Apapa port from January to June, 2021.

The exports include Agricultural goods such as sesame seed, ginger, hibiscus flower and other mineral resources. The total tonnage of the export stood at 1.6 million tones with FOB value of $103 billion.

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