ANLCA Vice President counters fake online report on Court striking out Affidavit by Association NECOM

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  • The story is false, misleading, mischievous act by reporters – Says Dr Farinto

(Report by Udeme Clement):

The National Vice President, Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Dr Kayode Farinto has countered the fake online report of Court striking out Affidavit filed by the Association NECOM.

Dr Farinto, who frowned at the unprofessional manner the report was falsely presented, described it as fake news and mischievous act by the reporters in a deliberate attempt to deceive the reading public.

Dr Farinto informed ; “The report is unprofessional and imagination of the writers fiction, as well as their sponsors, who are out to misinform the public.”

He went on, “Recall that ANLCA had its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting few days ago in Lagos, where some issues came up and NEC took a firm decision to expel erring members.

“Two of our members took us to a Court at Badagry and said we had an election without recognising them.

“The reality is that, this issue has been on for a while and the Judge was trying to know the actual lawyers representing ANLCA. For instance, Taiye Oyeniyi gave Lawyer a letter, while the other Board of Trustees also gave another lawyer a letter, which we recognised as genuine solicitor.”

The ANLCA Vice President, pointed out,
” The Judge said that he was going to rule on issue of representation that Monday June 28, 2021, but he was unable to do that. Only for us to see a fake online report misinforming the public about the Judge rulling that we submitted fake Affidavit.

“The online report is based on falsehood. So, we are putting the records straight for people to know the truth”.

Dr Farinto emphasised :
” There was never a time the Judge mentioned that ANLCA’s election was illegal. Also, there was no time the Judge said that the NECOM submitted fake Affidavit.
We will ask our Lawyers to write to the publishers of such false report, to find out the source of that information. If they are unable to prove it, we may file a libel suit to challenge it in Court.

“However, the Judge is going to rule on issue of representation by August 3, 2021. As soon as that is done, we will make the pronouncement available to the media, it is not a secret.”

Meanwhile, Dr Farinto, also spoke on the just concluded NEC meeting, even, as he expressed appreciation to news men, who observed the exercise and reported accurately the decision behind expulsion of some members for anti-association activities.

According to him, “Some delegates at the NEC meeting tried to be diplomatic in handling the situation but most members refused.
ANLCA’s Constitution is sacrosanct and the Disciplinary Committee, which I was the Chairman, was constituted following the Constitutional provisions of the Association.

“My initial recommendation was suspension, thinking they will have an opportunity to turn around and regret their wrong actions.
But the NEC stressed that following their anti-association activities leading to violent attack on the National President, where his phone and undisclosed amount of money were stolen, I slept in Police cell for allegations I knew nothing about and other excesses, expelled them.

“We had visited over 10 Police stations because of these expelled ANLCA members, aside from other attrocities caused by these same people, to mention just a few. These informed the final decision taken by NEC to expel them, instead of suspension.

”This is the first press conference after the NEC meeting and we are officially informing the public that they are expelled. Anyone dealing with these individuals on behalf of ANLCA, does that at his own risk. These includes the Managing Director of Green Star Nigeria Limited, Mr. Temitope Akindele, the Managing Director of Multimodal Logistics Limited, Mr. Abdulmaza Joe-Sanni, the Managing Director of MarkMary Nigeria Limited, Prince Taiye Oyeniyi, Managing Director of Pyramid Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha, Managing Director of Nestilo Global Services, Sir Ernest Elochukwu, Managing Director of Salem International Nigeria Limited, Sir John Oforbike and the Managing Director of Bayle Limited, Alhaji Bayo Oyekangun.

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