The rise and rise of ANLCA President, Hon Tony Iju Nwabunike

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  • The diary of an Icon

(Weekend Analysis by Udeme Clement):

The National President, Association of Nigeria Licenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), Hon. Tony Iju Nwabunike, is an ICON with a unique leadership diary. You can call him a rare gem; a visionary leader, a leader of inestimable value, or better still an inventor.

Yes, there are many sterling qualities in his diary. Hon Nwabunike is like a book with many chapters. If you open his ICONIC leadership diary, you will find fresh impetus, resilience, ingenuity, assiduousness and above all, the tenacity to pursue a good course irrespective of the obstacles.

The record in the public domain shows vividly that Hon. Nwabunike won the election, which brought him legally to office, as ANLCA President in 2018. But notwithstanding his victory, sitting on the leadership saddle of ANLCA, as the number one Man is unsettling, causing so much anxiety and uneasiness; following the antics of his detractors instigating crisis in the association.

But whether we like it or not, the reality is, Hon Nwabunike is a winner. He is rising above the
hostility and contentiousness of ANLCA ex-board members scheming to derail his administration for selfish reasons.

TONY IJU ON A TURBULENT SEA: Nwabunike is like a chaptain sailing on a turbulent sea, the strong current of the sea is frightening, clashing and tossing the ship dangerously, but his anchor is firmed and secured preventing the ship from sinking.

Now, pause for a while, picture Hon Nwabunike in your mind’s eye being attacked by hoodlums allegedly arranged by ex-board members of ANLCA at PTML, his phones, money and other valuables being stolen from him. Terrible, isn’t it ?
Now, pause again for a moment, imagine the President of a prestigious group like ANLCA, the foremost freight forwarding association in Nigeria, founded since 1954 being violently attacked by a faction of the same association. It is mind boggling, isn’t it ?
Your guess is as good as mine !

The assault on Hon Nwabunike at PTML came few months after the headquarters of ANLCA was equally attacked with damages of over N20million incurred.

This is the turbulent ship of ANLCA, which Nwabunike is sailing. His detractors are plotting to make the Ship sink by all means, but he is steadfast and immovable in the face of the storm, saying there is no word like failure in his leadership lexicon.

Apparently, this amiable leader is rising to greatness and weathering the storm of persecution all through. He is pulling down the barriers of his detractors and rising above the antics of those sabotaging his administration.

History will be fair to him because as ANLCA President, he has succeeded where others failed. Despite the crisis rocking ANLCA, he has achieved great milestones that no other President of ANLCA has dreamt of in the history of the association since its creation 67 years ago.

ANLCA HISTORIC ELECTIONS: ANLCA under his leadership conducted the most credible HITECT election, where members within Nigeria and diaspora voted electronically at the same time. The BOT election held in December 16, 2020, at Concord hotel, Owerri, Imo State capital was the best of its kind in the history of Nigeria maritime industry as well, because delegates voted simultaneously across the whole country and the results were promptly announced. Among top dignitaries who observed the election in Owerri were the Executive Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma, his Deputy and other top government functionaries.

That was not all.
Also, it is to his credit that ANLCA conducted another credible election in the Eastern Zone, comprising Port Harcourt – port, Port Harcourt International Airport, Onne port and Enugu chapter. Those elections recorded huge successes even in the heat of crisis in ANLCA. All thanks to Hon Nwabunike for his ingenuity and doggedness.

The truth be told, Hon Nwabunike has outstanding qualities of a good leader as shown in his remarkable achievements within a short period in office. He is a leader with many ACCOLADES bestowed on him locally and internationally.
Aside from intelligence and charisma, he has a
dynamic personality whose leadership potentiality rises above ethnicity and tribal sentiments. A typical example is seen in his Exco with Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and other tribes well represented.

In fact, he is a persistent person and a progressive thinker, who believes that a leader must be result-oriented, notwithstanding the challenges in carrying out such responsibilities.
Hon Nwabunike has everything one can appreciate in a great leader. For instance, in terms of physical appearance, he is decent at all times, very glossy, shiny, smooth, stylish and superficially attractive.

Talking of excellent communication skills as a leader, he is very articulate, with the ability to speak fluently and coherently without always reading from written scripts at official functions.

Business wise, he is a guru. Nwabunike is very versatile in freight forwarding business with over 27 years of progress experience. It is on record that Nwabunike was elected into office as the pioneer Board Chairman of Council for the Regulation of freight forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN), established by Act 16 of 2007.
He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Mac – tonnel Nigeria limited.
All above, he is diligent and focused in transforming ANLCA.

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