Customs FOU Zone ‘B’ Kaduna records over N116m contraband In 14 days

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  • As Hamisu warns smugglers on economic sabotage

(Report by Udeme Clement):

The news reaching our platform in Lagos, reveals that Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operation Unit (FOU) Zone ‘B’, Kaduna, has intercepted contraband estimated at a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of over N116million in 14 days, effective from March 4, 2021 to March 21.

The Customs boss in FOU Zone ‘B’, Comptroller Al- Bashir Hamisu, disclosed this during a press conference yesterday in Kaduna.

Comptroller Hamisu and his officers also displayed the siezed items before reporters in Kaduna.

He explained : “A total of 90 siezures were made in just two weeks in and around zone ‘B’. The items siezed include, 905 bags of foreign rice, valued at N32, 691, 315 DPV; 541 jerricans of vegetable oil worth N35, 737, 783.75 in DPV; 138 bales of foreign second hand clothing worth N20, 613, 232.50 in DPV,
30 bags of 20kg foreign rice valued at N361, 230.00 DPV; 30 cartons of foreign tiger battery valued at N1, 181, 057.50 DPV and 21 cartons of foreign spaghetti valued at N124, 850.00 DPV.

“Other seizures include 18 cartons of milky creamer worth N285, 373.80 in DPV; two used vehicles worth N19, 291,296.94, as well as four means of conveyance of the smuggled items worth N2,898,961.37 in DPV.

“The Unit also seized 15 bags of foreign refined sugar worth N396, 352.50 in DPV; 15 cartons of foreign tea valued at N396, 352.50 DPV; 14 sacks of foreign second hand shoes worth N1,045, 598.75 in DPV; 12 bundles of foreign used tyres valued at N448, 113.75 DPV;
four cartons of foreign condensed milk valued at N63, 416.40 DPV and six bags of fertilizer worth N158,541.00 in DPV.”

Comptroller Hamisu emphasised that
FOU Zone ‘B’ under his leadership will ensure that smuggling is curtailed. He urged illicit traders to engage in legitimate businesses, or be ready to face the full wrath of the law.

Below are pictures taken during the press conference in Kaduna :

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