Fake steel bars: SON talks tough

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  • To Prosecute Manufacturers, Distributors Of Substandard Steel Bars

( Report by Udeme Clement):

The Director General, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mallam Farouk Salim, has declared that manufacturers, as well as distributors of substandard steel bars in the country risk prosecution and jail

He made this known during an emergency meeting held at SON’s Complex in Lagos, appealing to all steel manufacturers and marketers in the country to put their house in order, as failure to comply will result in prosecution of offenders.

Salim, who is talking tough on the issue has already issued three months ultimatum to steel manufacturers and distributors to remove substandard steel bars from the markets across Nigeria.

SON DG, emphasised that the ultimatum becomes imperative to ensure safety by enforcing standards at all times.

Speaking further, he mentioned the recent spate of building collapse, which claimed hundreds of lives, saying it is a big blow on the nation, especially construction industry that the steel sector falls under.

According to him; “The consequences of these disasters raised concerns and it is the responsibility of SON to get to the root cause of the problem, with a view to finding lasting solution”.

He advised; “Going forward, manufacturers and distributors have been given two months to form associations for self regulation and an organised way of articulating industry challenges, to ensure strict compliance with appropriate standards.”

Salim, pointed out: “The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), which legally took effect from January this year means that our borders are to be opened and substandard products sold may be rejected, thereby hindering economic growth”.

Mallam Salim reaffirmed SON’s mandate to foster trade and economic growth and not impede it, stating that the agency would not allow dubious business persons to destroy lives and scarce resources.

He urged the industry players to cooperate with SON, so that wealth and value would be created without infractions.
He stressed; “if you work with me, I will work with you. If you work against me, the law would be upheld to the letter”.

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