E-call-up system may be a total failure if …

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*NPA must put its house in order – Alhaji Isa kazeem

  • Says extortion still going on at ports access roads

(Report by Udeme Clement):

The Chairman, National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (NCMDLCA),TinCan port chapter, Alhaji Isa Kazeem, has said that the E-call-up system introduced by Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), may be a total failure, if the Authority does not put its house in order.

He made this assertion in a chat with our Correspondent while monitoring activities along ports access roads yesterday.

He explained :
“Stakeholders with National Council are happy with the introduction of E-call-up system by NPA. We are supporting NPA on this initiative.

“We want the system to work, to tackle the chaotic traffic situation on our ports roads.
But for this system to succeed and achieve the objectives, NPA must put its house in order, as a matter of urgency, to address the problems associated with the system right now.

“NPA should monitor the system, in order to check sharp practices and manipulation. If this is not done with immediate effect, the system may collapse and the intended purpose would not be achieved”.

Alhaji Isa, pointed out :
“You are on the road now,
look at traffic gridlock on ports access roads even with E-call-up system in place.

“As you can see, we are equally monitoring the exercise because the gridlock is taking its toll on businesses at Apapa, even as it is militating against port industry development.
The gridlock is doing so much harm to our economy. Licensed Customs Agents doing business in the ports are affected, importers, freight forwarders, as well as other port users are facing the same challenge. Even consumers are not left out of the problem because inflation rate is rising each day.”

He pointed out :
“The reality is, not all these trucks you see on Apapa roads are actually for call-up.
Some are parked on the roads because those working against the system are extorting money from truck drivers.

“So, even with the e-call-up system in place, extortion is still going on.

“Also, aside from NPA, other security agencies saddled with the responsibility of controlling traffic along ports access roads must equally put their house in order to tackle the menace.”

He added: “For instance, with the pronouncement by Lagos State government that any trucker obstructing the system must go to jail, long queues of trucks are not supposed to be on ports access roads again. So, for trucks to still be on the roads, it means something is wrong with the system. As such, the lapses in the system must be addressed immediately.

Our Correspondent while monitoring activities on ports access roads observed that the traffic logjam extended from Ijora up to Wharf road, Eleganza junction, even very close to Apapa port gate. Trucks on long queues were equally seen on top of Ijora bridge. Area – B corridor was also heavy.

Below are pictures taken at specific places during the exercise :

Ijora axis :

Area – B corridor :

Eleganza junction :

The axis close to Apapa port gate :

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