SIFAX off docks record 49,835 TEU volumes

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SIFAX off docks record 49,835 TEU volumes

(Report by Udeme Clement):

Captain Olugbade :

Despite prevailing traffic congestion around Lagos ports with its negative effect on businesses, the Inland Container Depots owned by SIFAX Group recorded a total of 49,835 TEUs for 2020 economic year.

This, however, represents a slight drop in performance compared to 2019, when the off docks grossed 50,452 TEUs.

SIFAX off dock operations comprise of terminals at Trinity, Mid-Maritime, Okota 1 & 2, all based in Lagos.

On the total container volumes achieved, SIFAX Off Dock Trinity had 13,109 TEUs for containers gated-in and 12,468 TEUs for containers gated-out as against 19,014 gated in and 20,369 gated-out in 2019.

SIFAX-Mid Maritime Terminal witnessed an increase in its 2020 TEU volume.

It recorded 6,062 TEUs and 6,517 TEUs for containers gated in and out respectively, as against 2,609 TEUs and 1,727 TEUs recorded in 2019.

More so, SIFAX Off Dock, Okota Terminal 1, recorded 2,195 and 2,147 TEUs for gated in and gated out containers in 2020, as against 3,096 and 3,137 TEUs recorded in 2019, while SIFAX Off Dock- Okota Terminal 2’s 2020 performance shows an increase of 3,596 and 3,351 for containers gated in and out in comparison to its 2019 performance of 364 TEUs gated in and 136 TEUs gated out in 2019.

Thus, in order to grow the terminals profitability in 2021, Captain Ibraheem Olugbade, Executive Director, SIFAX Off Dock, confirmed that various strategies have been put in place by the terminals to consolidate their prime positions.

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