Customs at Oyo/Osun Command Strikes Again * Seizes foreign rice worth N22.3million

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Customs at Oyo/Osun Command Strikes Again

*Seizes foreign rice worth N22.3million

Report by Udeme Clement

Only one week after Oyo/Osun Command of Nigeria Customs Service unveiled its score card with huge revenue collection of over N4.9billion and seizures worth N393.4million, the Command has recorded huge seizure of foreign rice.

The new Customs Area Controller (CAC), of the Command, Comptroller A. R. ABDULKADIR, made this known to reporters in Ibadan

He said,  “Just  a  week  ago  after  my  maiden  press  briefing  on  quantum  seizures  and achievements  made  during  my  dispensation  at   Oyo/Osun  Area  Command  from  November  till  January  31st  2021,  I  have  invited  you once  again  for another showdown.

“Just  seven  days  ago,  we  warned  that  we  have  further  enhanced  our  anti-smuggling  strategies  by  taking  the  battle  to  the door  steps  of   smugglers  in  an operation  codenamed,  “Operation  Fish  Out”  designed  to  make   Oyo  and  Osun States  unbearable  for  smugglers  and  economic  saboteurs, it has happened again.

“Some unscrupulous elements are daring our will and  have  paid  the  price.  Showcasing  to  you  right  now  is  another  round  of  seizures  made  last  night  by  my gallant  and  resilient  officers,  who have  transformed  intelligence  into reality.

“We  intercepted  six  vehicles  laden  with  500  (Five  Hundred)  bags  of  foreign parboiled  rice  with  Duty  Paid  Value  (DPV)  of  ₦22.3million  and  another six   vehicles  with DPV  of  ₦7.1million.

“My  advice  to  the  good  people  of  Oyo  and  Osun  States  is  to  invest  wisely  in legitimate  businesses, in order  to avoid  loss  of  their  hard-earned  money.

“The  government  has  set  up  various  empowerment  and  career  development programmes  to  encourage the  youths . So, it  would be  better  to  key into one  or  more  of  such  programmes.

“Farming,  which  is  another  source  of  self-sufficiency  is  also  an  epitome  of   self-reliance  of  the  South-West  and  it  is  one  of  the  cardinal  programmes  that the regime  of  President  Muhammadu  Buhari  has  invested  in seriously.

“With  the vast  farmland  around  Oyo,  Osun  States  and  climate  favouring  conditions  for crops  like  maize,  yam,  cassava,  cashew,  millet,  cocoa,  beans,  plantain,  variety  of fruits  etc.,  it  is  encouraging  enough  for  us to  invest  at  home  rather  than  improving the  Foreign  Direct  Investment  (FDI)  of  other  countries.

“The  Service  discourages  bad  elements  in  our  host communities  from  all  acts  of  sharp  practices,  as  these  activities  have  negative  effect on  the  economy, health  and  daily livelihood  of  the  citizens.

“Gentlemen of the press, I would like  to  show  my appreciation for  your  commitment and  steadfastness to bringing  the  news closer to the  people”.

The huge seizure :
CAC and his team during press conference in Ibadan:
Seized items:


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