Don’t collect demurrage during End-SARS protest lockdown – NAGAFF Compliance Team * As Alhaji Tanko urges Mearsk Line, terminal operators to waive charges

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Don’t collect demurrage during End-SARS protest lockdown – NAGAFF Compliance Team

*As Alhaji Tanko urges Mearsk Line, terminal operators to waive charges

By Udeme Clement:

Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko :

The National Coordinator, NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko, has appealed to the management of Mearsk Line and other terminal operators in the nation’s ports not to charge demurrage/Storage fees during the End-SARS protest lockdown period.

This appeal formed part of an official letter written by the Compliance Team to the Managing Director of
Mearsk Nigeria limited at
Apapa, Lagos, yesterday.

Alhaji Tanko lamented that the lockdown caused by End-SARS protest across Lagos State completely paralyzed port operations and other economic activities in the maritime sector.

The letter reads:
“Appeal to all shipping lines/ Terminal Operators Not to Charge Demurrage/Storage during this End-SARS lockdown period.
The subject matter above refers;
following the END-SARS Nigerian Youths Protest, which lasted for over a week.
The NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team is appealling to shipping Companies and Terminal Operators in Lagos not to Charge Demurrage/ Rent.

“It has come to our knowledge that, some Shipping Companies and Terminal Operators have already started charging storage and demurrage fees for this period of END-SARS Nigerian youths Protest, without recourse to other considerations for the security of lives and properties.

“First consideration the world over in any crisis period is security of lives and properties. It is most unfortunate to note that, otherwise is the case here and we want to say a BIG NO to that.”

He pointed out, “One had expected our shipping companies and Terminal Operators to show some sense of concern, love, solidarity and pity on Nigerian youths and to those importers who lost their beloved sons and daughters in the struggle to put Nigeria on the track of good governance, but Alas is their new normal.

“On this note, we want to state categorically clear that, Nagaff 100 % Compliance Team will not fold its hands and watch its members being exploited for no fault of theirs.

” We will invoke the spirit of Aluta Continua to resist and even oppose this action by shipping companies and Terminal Operators. We will mobilise in most civil manner other associations, truck owners, Clearing Agents and Port users in a Card Carrying Protest against you to block your gates and entrances until our demands are met.

“We therefore call on the shipping Companies and Terminal Operators to Refund the fees to those who have paid already with immediate effect.

“Note that, we will escalate this matter after 24 hours of this notice, if you fail to heed to our appeal”.

He enthused, “However, we will not forget the good working relationship we have with you, to crave for your anticipated understanding”.

The 100% Compliance Team is a structure put in place by National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), to monitor activities in the ports,in order to ensure transparency in the system. The Team is currently under the supervision of Alhaji Tanko, as the National Coordinator.

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