Fake Drugs : Apapa Customs on Red alert !!! * Intercepts 72 containers of fake pharmaceutical products

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Fake Drugs: Apapa Customs on Red alert !!!

*Intercepts 72 containers of fake pharmaceutical products

By Udeme Clement :

The Apapa Area Command of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), is currently on red alert on what its described as large inflow of fake and substandard pharmaceutical products into Nigeria.

The Customs Area Controller (CAC) of the Command, Comptroller Mohammed Abba-Kura, disclosed this during interaction with Journalists at a press conference.

He revealed that the Command through intelligence intercepted 72 containers of pharmaceutical products imported into the country without registration number from NAFDAC.

Unveiling the seized items at Apapa port before journalists, Comptroller Abba-Kura warmed against the health hazards of consuming fake drugs.

He informed that the large quantities of pharmaceutical products were seized by Apapa Customs Command within a short period from July to September, 2020.

Speaking further on the health implications of fake drugs, he pointed out, ‘Last year, we seized a large number of such drugs without NAFDAC registration number. This year, we are seizing these substandard drugs again, as you can see here !
The reality is that these drugs coming into our country without NAFDAC number are not fit for human consumption.”

Comptroller Abba-Kura advised, “NAFDAC should investigate to know the importers of these substandard drugs and sanction them accordingly”.

The CAC stressed that Apapa Command under his supervision will not hesitate to seize prohibited items smuggled into the country through Apapa port, which is his area of coverage.

He emphasised, “In the area of anti-smuggling, officers and men of Apapa Customs Command are not resting on their oars in Enforcing government fiscal policies and other trade guidelines”.

Observation at the scene :
Our Correspondent observed that the smiling face, gesture and calmness Compt Abba-Kura used in announcing revenue collection of over N367.6billion by his Command for government was not the same when unveiling the seized items.

Immediately the vehicle that carried Journalists arrived at the port, Abba-Kura alighted from the Customs vehicle, walking faster than other senior officers who accompanied him.

As he brought out some of the seized items from a container, the smile on his face disappeared. He held one of the items on his hand, expressing strong displeasure about the attitude of some importers bringing substandard drugs into the country, to the detriment of innocent Nigerians.

While some reporters gazed at the item on his hand, others could not stop looking at the extra-ordinary height of Compt Abba-Kura, as he stood in the middle taller than all the officers and Journalists with him.

Comptroller Abba-Kura displaying the seized items during interaction with Journalists at Apapa port :
The seized items loaded in containers :

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