Dr Boniface Aniebonam ! *A moment of Encomiums for a Man of Honour * Aniebonam- driving the wheels of excellence in maritime trade

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Dr Boniface Aniebonam !

*A moment of Encomiums for a Man of Honour

*Aniebonam- driving the wheels of excellence in maritime trade

By Udeme Clement:

Dr Aniebonam :

Whenever you see Dr Boniface Aniebonam, the Founder, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), the personality behind his name reflects assiduousness, tenacity, ingenuity, fresh impetus of a man who can be described as epitome of hard work and resourceful in Nigerian society.

His dexterity in managing the affairs of NAGAFF has taken the organisation to an enviable height of recognition within and outside the shores of Nigeria, such that, NAGAFF has become a household name in the maritime industry.

His human sympathy in showing kind consideration to people irrespective of tribes and affiliations is an outstanding quality that endears this amiable personality to all and sundry in the industry.

His unique dress sense stands him out at every occasion he goes. Often, he wears a face cap that makes him appear very smart like a young school boy.

Founder, as he his fondly called is not only smart at heart, but highly knowledgeable on issues in the nation’s economy, especially the maritime sector, where he is a major stakeholder. As experienced Freight Forwarder, he brings fresh impetus to bear on policies geared towards rejuvenating maritime trade for greater economic prosperity.

His carriage and charismatic manner of talking whenever he appears at a public function are often conspicuous, because Dr Aniebonam has the boldness to call things by their real names, especially on issues of maritime sector development.

He believes strongly that the maritime industry in Nigeria has enormous potentials to create wealth, jobs and grow the economy if adequately harnessed and fully utilised. As such, his energy is channeled towards this task.

Dr Aniebonam is not just an employer of labour in Nigeria, but an astute entrepreneur whose innovative thinking reflects clearly on our economic lexicon. His is an epitome of hard work worthy of emulation.

His leadership shrewdness manifests in the successes recorded so far by NAGAFF in maritime activities. Aside from freight forwarding aspect of its operations, NAGAFF has an Academy for capacity building, which is very strategic and designed to upscale the competences of aspiring Freight Forwarders in the country; a digital communication network-NAGAFF Cargo Watch, which gives credible information on maritime issues regularly, as well as NAGAFF Ambassadors- a group of young Nigerians trained by Dr Aniebonam to become productive entrepreneurs.

Today, NAGAFF secretariat at Apapa, Lagos, serves as a home for maritime Journalists from various associations, all thanks to Dr Aniebonam’s benevolence.

Recall that recently, NAGAFF through the inventiveness of Dr Aniebonam and his management team inaugurated 100 percent Compliance Team, with a responsibility to sensitise freight forwarders across various chapters, on the need to ensure total compliance with government fiscal policies on cargo clearance, in order to enhance trade facilitation.

More so, NAGAFF through the generosity of Dr Aniebonam engages in humanitarian aid of giving relief materials to indigent ones in the society and paying hospital bills for the less privileged.

In analogy, one can right say that Dr Aniebonam is driving the wheels of excellence in Nigerian maritime industry.

Dr Aniebonam, the personality behind the name :
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