Enforce compliance, Compt Agbara Michael tells officers * Says promotion comes with more tasks

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Enforce compliance, Compt Agbara Michael tells officers

*Says promotion comes with more tasks

By Udeme Clement :

Photographs taken during the decoration exercise at Idiroko :

The Customs Area Controller, CAC, Ogun -1 Command, Comptroller Agbara Michael, has urged newly promoted officers of the Command to enforce compliance in their operations.

This, he said becomes imperative to enhance economic growth and more revenue collection for government.

He made these assertions during decoration of promoted officers of the Command, at Idiroko.

Compt Agbara explained that the role of enforcement is to enforce compliance. “If there is no compliance, there will be no revenue. So, wherever you are, you are important to the Service. I know you will not disappoint us. This promotion is an added impetus.”, he stressed.

The CAC went on, “This promotion comes with added tasks.  We count on you and the Service also counts on you. Expectations from the Service are high. We are now counting revenue collection in trillion, no longer billions.
So, whether you are at the seaports, airports or land borders, you must contribute to government’s revenue”.

He continued, “On behalf of the Comptroller-General of Customs, CGC Ali Hameed, I congratulate you on your promotion, for achieving this feat. No promotion is small. It is a structure that must be followed gradually, you cannot jumb it.

“Some of you had been due before now but it didn’t come then. So, this is the appointed time that God has made it possible. We thank you for your patience and your family for their understanding”.

He emphasised, “Once you are Promoted, your thinking and everything must change to reflect your new position of assignments and responsibilities in the Service.

“To whom much is given, much is also expected. You have been given additional responsibilities and you should show it in your work.

“Be prepared, because soon we will have what is called weekly roaster, whereby one senior officer will be on ground supervising everything.

“I pray that God will bless you, give you good health and the ability to carry out your duties effectively.”

Compt Agbara and his men are carrying out their statutory functions at Idiroko, the border between Nigeria and Republic of Benin.

Idiroko is a very volatile terrain for Customs operations. But the CAC and his team have shown selflessness commitments and doggedness in their ant-smuggling duties, even in the face of incessant attacks by economic saboteurs.

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