A rainy day at Apapa: Flood covers Customs Command up to the gate * As Comptroller Abba-Kura, officers work long hours in the rain

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A rainy day at Apapa: flood covers Customs Command up to the gate

*As Comptroller  Abba-Kura, officers work long hours in the rain

By Udeme Clement :

Pictures taken at Apapa Customs Command yesterday during the rain:

The Customs Area Controller, CAC, Apapa Command of Nigeria Customs Service, Comptroller Mohammed Abba-Kura, as well as his officers deserve accolades for their assiduousness, tenacity and dedication to statutory duties.

Not even heavy rain or dreaded coronavirus pandemic causing panic in the whole country can deter them from carrying out their statutory functions.

Our correspondent, who visited Apapa port yesterday, for an official assignment saw the officers, even very senior ones working in the rain.

Most shocking was the fact that the entire premises of Apapa Customs flooded even up to the main gate that gives access to the office.

It was not just about the flood but the selfless service of the officers, who were seen working even in the rain.

For several hours, our correspondent, who stood on the top floor of the building observed the officers working in the rain.
While the men moved from one department to another with files folding-up their trousers in the rain,, the female officers changed to smart cover-sandals, which enabled them to walk in the flooded compound.

Importers and Freight Forwarders who were at Apapa Command during that heavy rain yesterday commended Comptroller Abba-Kura and his officers for their efforts and Commitments in keeping Apapa, which is the premier port functional at all times.

Apapa Command is saddled with the core mandates of trade facilitation and revenue collection for the Federal Government. From their decorum and alertness to official assignments, one can rightly conclude that officers of this Command have given their best on the line of duty.

Recall that in the heat of coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lock-down by government, officers of Apapa Customs Command were always seen on their duty posts, working to keep the premier port afloat.

Attention  !!!
Financial Business News is calling on  government to find a permanent solution to the problem of flood at Apapa Customs Command.

Our investigations revealed that the issue of flood at Apapa Customs office is a recurring decimal whenever there is rain. Though Customs officers refused to comment on the issue, but importers and agents doing business in Apapa port, said the issue of flood has been a big challenge facing the Command.

An agent who gave his name as Mr Charles, in a chat with our correspondent, said that aside from Customs officers who suffer the flood crisis most, freight forwarders are equally affected.

His words, “Those of us clearing agents are also affected. As you can see, we are also working in the flood because we are here to process our documents. We have cargoes in the port and we are here for clearance.

“This problem of flood didn’t start today. This is what we face any time there is rain. Government should do something to address the situation”.

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