Border Drill : Customs makes over N1.1 billion seizures in Kwara State * Arrests 64 suspects

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Border Drill : Customs makes over N1.1 billion seizures in Kwara State

* Arrests 64 suspects

*We are battle-ready for smugglers- Says Comptroller Mohammed Uba

(By Udeme Clement) :

Comptroller Uba addressing Reporters in Kwara State :

The Coordinator of Joint Border Operations, Sector -3, covering Kwara State and its environs, Comptroller Mohammed Uba, is giving die-hard smugglers a tough time in the region.

Comptroller Uba and his team just recorded massive seizures of prohibited items worth over N1.1 billion in Duty Paid Value, DPV, within two months,  from May to June 11, 2020.

The contraband items intercepted within this short period include
17,216 bags of rice; 294 kegs of vegetable oil; 944 drums of AGO; 2,321 Jerrycans of Petrol; 350 bundles of textile materials; 28 bags of foreign fertilizer; 66 cartons of Beer; 50 units of vehicles; 75 motorcycles; 15 sacks of used shoes and 360 tubers of yam, with a total DPV of over N1.1billion, as stated above.

That was not all. Comptroller Uba, who is known as a very tough enforcement officer of Customs swiftly arrested
64 suspects in connection with the seized items.

Unveiling the mind-boggling seizures before Reporters in Kwara State, Comptroller Uba, said his team is working in tandem with the vision of CGC Hameed Ali, to curb illicit trade in all ramifications.

He warned smugglers sabotaging government’s effort in growing the economy to desist, or be ready to suffer more losses, as Customs will leave no stone unturned in seizing contraband and arresting smugglers to face the wrath of the law.
His assertions: “We have a responsibility to protect our local industries and the entire economy from saboteurs

“Our advice is for Nigerians to engage in legitimate trade and commercial activities that will enhance job creation and economic prosperity”.

Speaking further, Comptroller said his team is battle-ready for un-repentant smugglers and will not hesitate to thwart their antics.

Observation at the scene :
The seizures were so many that even news men who covered the press briefing expressed great pleasure on the ingenuity and hgh level of intelligence brought to bear by Comptroller Uba and his team in achieving such result within two months.

While some described him as uncompromising and result-oriented, others called him a Master strategist and enforcement guru, who is known for remarkable performance everywhere he serves.

Comptroller Uba has served Nigeria Customs at various capacities. He was the former Customs Area Controller, CAC, of Federal Operations Unit, FOU, Zone ‘C’, Owerri, before being posted to FOU Zone ‘A’ Lagos, as the CAC. From there, he was posted to Seme Command, the busiest border within the West African sub-region, where he made spectacular serizures, including the killer- ponmo and cannabis sativa concealed in dead bodies.

Currently, he is the Coordinator of Joint Border Operations, Sector -3, where he is causing panic among illicit traders.

Our investigation revealed that the notorious fuel smugglers who caused embarrassment to the nation, which necessitated Comptroller Uba being sent to the zone have been completely dislodged from the zone.

Comptroller Uba and his team unveiling the seizures :
The seized items :



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