The Risk to Save a Nation !!! *N1.2billion Cannabis at High Sea and Marine Customs on the Line of Duty

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The Risk to Save a Nation !!!

*N1.2billion Cannabis at High Sea and Marine Customs on the Line of Duty

*Weathers the storm against drugs smugglers

(By Udeme Clement):

Compt. Peters and the Public Relatons Officer of Western Marine Command, Mr Emmanuel Tangwa during press briefing at the Command yesterday:
The seized Cannabis :

The massive seizure of Cannabis Sativa worth over N1.2 billion, made by Western Marine Customs on the high sea has left the reading public and entire country astonished.

Astonishment about the enormity of economic sabotage and naferious activities perpetrated by the dare-devil smugglers, even on high sea.

Even with this amazement about the antics of smugglers, well-meaning Nigerians are giving Marine Customs accolade for their doggedness, tenacity and fearlessness in trailing those drugs traffickers on the high sea, at such a dangerous terrain without looking back.

Their resilience to track such quantity of hard drugs on the sea can be described as a Risk to save the nation.

Yes, negative Risk indeed taken by Marine Customs (fellow Nigerians like us), to save our nation from devastating effects of such harmful drugs, especially on our youths.

Their courage in the face of such danger shows that the officers selflessly put their lives on line to save the nation from disasterous effect of dangerous drugs, especially at a time when COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the nation’s economy.

Now, picture the scene in your mind’s eye, you can see the Customs operatives at the high sea weathering the storm fearlessly, with strong current of the ocean tossing their speed boat and the waves of the sea clashing around them.

You can equally visualise the officers at alert and the team leader very vigilant, co-ordinating the operations tactically against the dreaded drugs traffickers, who are heavily armed and ready to deal heartlessly with any intruder.

More so, the Western Marine Command under Comptroller Olugboyega Peters, as Customs Area Controller, CAC, deserves more encomiums for this spectacular seizure of Cannabis from the high sea, being the largest single seizure of hard drugs in the history of Nigeria Customs Service.

Addressing reporters in Lagos yesterday, the CAC hinted that his team used credible intelligence to defeat those unrepentant smugglers on high sea.

He stressed, “Our men were on the high sea for days, for this particular seizure and didn’t give up”.

On the other hand, one can also imagine the quantity of dangerous drugs that would have entered our economic ambience, if the officers had not acted swiftly, even putting their lives on line to protect the nation.

What is most shocking about these illicit traders is their modus-operandi. Their craftiness in sabotaging the nation’s economy has no limit.

They are dreaded and ready even to kill, as the word sympathy does not exist in their operational lexicon.

Also, these smugglers have perfected the act of illicit trade on land, at bush paths, in the forest, at the creeks, waterways and even on high sea.

Not even constant seizure of their smuggled goods by Customs, arrest and prosecution have deterred them from criminality.

They have different tactics of smuggling depending on the terrain.
Those operating within the border communities use motorcycles (Okada) and vehicles padded with extra iron carriers to convey prohibited items through the bush. Those operating within the creeks and waterways use boats that are specially constructed to suit their illicit trade.

Some of them even move about with charms and dangerous weapons. With no regard for the laws of the land, they attack Customs at a slightest provocation.

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