NNPP is a responsible partner to government- NAGAFF Founder, Dr Aniebonam .Our aim is to support economic growth

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NNPP is a responsible partner to government- NAGAFF Founder, Dr Aniebonam

.Our aim is to support economic growth

By Udeme Clement

Dr Aniebonam addressing the press yesterday:
National Vice Chairman of NNPP, North West:


NAGAFF General Secretary: Mr. D. Olayoku, introducing the guests:

“Members of New Nigeria Peoples’ Party, NNPP, are responsible partners to the government in power. As a political party, our aim is to support economic growth and development of our country, Nigeria”, said the National Chairman of NNPP, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam.

Dr. Aniebonam made this declaration while addressing Journalists in a press conference, organised by the Party to celebrates its feats since inception 20 years ago.

He explained that the party is working tirelessly to support the Federal Government in its efforts to revamp the nation’s economy for optimum productivity, especially the port industry.

Dr. Aniebonam advised, “The concept that whatever government does is not right must be changed to positive thinking. Opposition should involve constructive engagement, not a deliberate attempt to discredit the policies of government at all times”

Responding to questions on security challenges in the country, he said, “Though government has the constitutional mandate to provide security for the citizens, security is a collectively responsibility. All of us should support the government to tackle insecurity in the country.

Dr. Aniebonam pointed out, “If we continue in the blame game, it will not work. We must give the President needed support at this critical moment. NNPP will come in and support. The name, New Nigeria Peoples’ Party, tells you what NNPP stands for.

“The name NNPP, in line with its divine mandate is all about bringing a new Nigeria that will meet the yearnings and aspiration of its people. A Nigeria where God’s love and rule of law prevails. This is our guiding principle right from inception.

“Though we started ‘very small’, in line with admonition by the Holy Bible that, “Thou shall not despise your little beginning”, I make bold to stand before you today, to say that, “little beginning is what has become what is known today as NNPP.

He went on, “NNPP is one of the best performing parties in Nigeria as of today. The Party presented candidates in the States of the federation in 2019 election.

“We also presented a Candidate for the Presidential election. However, INEC disqualified our Candidate at the last minute based on age limit.  At the end of the whole exercise, NNPP came out in flying colours, winning some seats in National and State Houses of Assembly.”

The programme drew frontline politicians, maritime stakeholders and top dignitaries from all walks of life, including the National Vice Chairman of NNPP North West, Mohammed Babayo Abdullahi, who came all the way from the North.

The programme ended with so much merriment for all the guests including reporters, who turned out in large number.

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