PTML Customs collects N159.3billion *Surpasses target with 129%

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PTML Customs Collects N159.3billion Revenue 

…Surpasses Target With 129%

By Udeme Clement:

The CAC:

The Port’s Terminal Multiservice Limited (PTML) Command of Nigeria Customs Service has collected over N159.3 billion revenue for the Federal Government, from January to December 2019.

The Command surpasses its 2019 revenue target of N123.2 billion, with more than N36 billion.

Comparatively, this represents 129 percent of the projected target for the period under review.

The N159.3 billion collected in 2019 also   surpassed N109. 6 billion realised within the same period in 2018, with a value increase of N34, 000,489,882, which represents 31 percent surplus.

The Public Relations Officer, PRO, of the Command, Mr Yakubu Muhammed disclosed this to reporters in a press release.

He informed, “The increase in revenue is attributable to rising cargo throughput in the Command, noted for Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) consignments ; sustained due diligence and trade facilitation by the Customs Area Controller, CAC, Comptroller (Mrs) Florence Olasunmbo Dixon; commitment to duty by our officers and increasing level of compliance by most vehicle importers using the port”.

The PRO stressed, “Our Controller ensures high level of discipline among officers, she encourages punctuality to work and leads the way in trade facilitation by ensuring that entries and transactions within Customs control are treated with speed.”

He pointed out,  “Her outstanding Customs Community Relations exhibited in regular interactions with stakeholders and supported by open door administration also contributed immensely to the Command’s  remarkable performance in many ways”.

According to Comptroller (Mrs) Dixon, “We in PTML Command will continue to do our best at ensuring the enforcement of Comptroller-General of Customs zero tolerance for infractions and duty evasion. 

“We are committed to federal government goal of trade facilitation without compromising national security. Six hours cargo clearance within our port is possible with sincere and accurate declarations, backed up with prompt duty payment ” she said

“A comparative breakdown of our monthly collections from January to December of 2018, 2019 shows monthly percentage increases, which resulted cumulatively to over N34billion difference within 12 months of both years.

“For instance, collection for January 2018 was 9,967,751,491 while 2019 was 14,850,154,616, which shows forty-nine percent increase. In February of both years, 2018 collection was N7,267,306,206 while 2019 was N10,024,673,259, showing thirty percent increase .For the month of March, N8,422,060,484 was collected in 2018 and N11,853,972,028 was collected, which translates to forty-two percent increase.”


MONTH           2018           2019    PERCENTAGE
JANUARY N 9,967,751,491.00 N 14,850,154,616.00     49%
FEBRUARY N 7, 267,306,206.00 N10,024,673,259.00   38%
MARCH N 8,421,060,484.00 N 11,853,972,028.00   41%
APRIL N10,858,205,216.00 N13,282,567,334.00     22%
MAY N10,866,889,939.00 N 12, 352,449,543.00   13.7%
JUNE N10,520,816,198.00 N13,342,189,210.00   26.8%
JULY N9,501,385,601.00 N14,860,863,304.00     56.4%
AUGUST N9,943,477,263.00 N12,671,999,190.00     27.4%
SEPTEMBER 10,261,525,885.00 N13,285,436,200.00     29.4%
OCTOBER N11,432,063,258.00 N13,814,206,336.00     20%
NOVEMBER 10,582,922,862.00 N13,291,383,265.00       25.6%
DECEMBER N 10,318,299,180.00 15,706,583,908.00 52%
TOTAL 109,623,404,403.00 159,336,478,193.00       45%


A total sum of 159,336,478,193.00 was raked into the Federation account in the Months of January- December 2019, Compared to January- December 2018,

N 109,623,404,403.00 with a surplus value of N49, 713,073,790.00.  This shows a 45% increase in Revenue in comparison. The above feat is a result of increase in cargo throughout and diligence on the part of officers and men.



*SURPLUS OF THE TARGET: N36,055,872,167.58










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