Agony of Nigerian travelers …A trip across the Niger

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Agony of Nigerian travelers

…A trip across the Niger

By Udeme Clement

The Federal and sub-national governments in Nigeria should put measures in place to fix the roads across the country, in order to enhance free movement of people and goods to different places.

This is quite imperative to enhance economic growth and address the agony of travelers on Nigerian roads.

Our investigation revealed that people traveling in Nigeria from Lagos to the East spend long hours on the roads due to the bad condition of our roads (poor infrastructure).

Our correspondents on official assignment across the Niger observed that the agony of Nigerian travelers started from Lagos-Ibadan express way, just after Berger Bridge where vehicles were trapped for over three hours between Ibafo and Mowe, a distance that ought to take just 10 minutes drive.

That was not all.  Going forward, many bad spots making movement of vehicles very difficult were also seen along Ore-road.

At a point, some drivers and passengers were seen coming out of their vehicles to stand on the major road, looking frustrated and helpless.

More so, at Benin-by-pass, there were few bad spots but not as many as what were seen along Ore area.

Before Uroma junction, at about 7pm, a mini bus with 14 passengers somersaulted into the bush, but there was not fatality.

Other problematic areas were Asaba, Niger Bridge and Anambra State.  There, commercial buses, passengers and even trucks conveying trade goods were held in heavy traffic for hours.

Our correspondents observed that vehicles coming from Asaba to Niger Bridge by 8pm, were still on the road in heavy traffic till 10pm.  Traffic gridlock continued from Asaba across Niger Bridge up to Onitsha, Anambra State in heavy rain.

The traffic situation between Niger Bridge and Onitsha was exactly like that of Oshodi-Apapa road in Lagos.

Thus, there were many bad spots also seen between Anambra and Owerri axis.

More details reaching us revealed that in Abia State, Aba road linking Ikot Ekpene to Akwa Ibom State was the worst, as vehicles diverted through Umuahia road.

Another area that needs urgent attention is Calabar Itu-road linking Cross River State and Akwa Ibom.

Vehicles and travelers held in traffic queues along Lagos-Ibadan express way:

A scene before Uroma junction by 7pm where a vehicle somersaulted into the bush but no fatality:


Traffic gridlock from Asaba across Niger Bridge, up to Onitsha in Anambra State:



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