Liberia appoints Capt Onoharigho Deputy Ship Registrar

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Liberia appoints Capt Onoharigho Deputy Ship Registrar

By Udeme Clement 

Capt Onoharigho:

The Liberian Maritime Authority has appointed Capt Anthony Onoharigho, as the Deputy Registrar of the Liberian Flag, following his experience and outstanding skills in the shipping sub-sector of the economy.

With this appointment, Captain Onoharigho, who is the President, Nigerian Institute of Shipping, NIS, and the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Lobster Marine Consulting Nigeria Limited, has been authorised by Liberian Authority to be in charge of vessel under 500 gross tons flying the Liberian flag.

More so, as Deputy Registrar of the Liberian Flag, Captain Onoharigho will have to issue appropriate certificate.

The appointment of Onoharigho formed part of a letter signed by Mr. Charles Gono Jrn,  dated August 16, 2019, with reference number LIMA/COM/DC/DVRS/L 097 19.

The letter, “With reference to your application dated 20th September 2017 on the above subject matter herein.

“I am directed by the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority to convey to you the approval of the Liberia Maritime Authority, authorising you as Deputy Registrar for vessel under 500 gross tons flying the Liberian flag, and issue appropriate certificate accordingly.

“Records relating to vessels and statutory certificates and other documents which are entitled to recordation issued shall be forwarded to the Office of the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority in Monrovia, and at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, where there shall be recorded or filed in properly indexed public registers”

“From the time of issuance of a Certificate of Registry until its expiration, termination, revocation or cancellation, whichever first occurs, the vessel shall be granted and shall enjoy the right to fly the flag of Liberia exclusively, unless its Certificate of Registry is specifically endorsed.”

“During the period that a vessel has the right to fly the flag of Liberia, the vessel shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction and control of Liberia, as the Flag State, in accordance with the applicable of international conventions and agreement and with the provisions of any regulations or rules made there under.”

“Congratulations for your preferment”.

His Rising Profile:

Capt. (Dr) Onoharigho is the Vice President, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), East , which includes South/South.

He is also a Fellow of the Institute, Fellow-Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors Uk, Fellow-Royal Institute of Naval Architecture Uk , Fellow- federation of Marine Engineers Uk and Master Marine class 1 Liberia.


Dr. Onoharigho is a member, American Society of Safety Engineers.  He has first degree in Nautical Sciences, Post Graduate Degree (PGD) in Ship Technology from Maritime Academy, Oron in Akwa Ibom State. He has Master degree in Transport Technology (Msc ), from Federal University of Technology, Owerri in IMO State, Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) in Transport Geography from University of Port Harcourt.

Thus, with his wealth of experience, exposure and qualification, the Liberian Authority has confidence that Dr. Onoharigho will deliver effectively on his new assignment.

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