Ogun Customs score card in 2019 .Rakes in N6.7bn revenue for FG .Surpasses target with over N2.8bn    .Makes massive seizure of foreign rice

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Ogun Customs score card in 2019

.Rakes in N6.7bn revenue for FG

.Surpasses target with over N2.8bn   

.Makes massive seizure of foreign rice

 By Udeme Clement

The CAC and senior officers of Ogun Command during press briefing yesterday at Idiroko:

The Ogun Area Command of Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, has recorded another landmark achievement with revenue generation of over N 6.7billion for the Federal Government.

More remarkable is the fact that the Command surpassed its revenue target with a whooping sum of over N2.8bn.   

The Customs Area Controller, CAC, of Ogun Command, Comptroller Michael Agbara disclosed this in a strategic press conference yesterday at Idiroko.

He  explained that  the N 6. 7 billion was generated from January to June, 2019, out of a target of N3.8bilion given to the Command in the period under review.

Speaking further on the score card of Ogun Command in half year of 2019, the CAC gave breakdown of revenue collection with comparative analysis of the corresponding  year 2018, as shown below:





Target (Jan-Jun) N3, 860, 830, 583.90


Target (Jan-Jun) N5, 718, 974, 843.70


Total revenue collection N 6, 735, 215, 877.45 Total revenue collection N 2,645,741,068.89
Difference (Excess) N 2, 874, 385, 293.50


Difference (shortfall) N3,073,233, 774.81


Percentage Performance 174.45% Percentage Performance 46.26%
Percentage Excess 74.45% Percentage Shortfall 53.74%


His assertion,  “In the area of anti-smuggling during the period under review, the Command made 549 seizures comprising of the items below:

  • 197units of vehicles
  • 29, 905 (50 kg each)and 15 (25 kg each)of bags of foreign rice
  • 1, 466 kegs of vegetable oil (25liters each)
  • 17 units of motorcycles
  • 9, 407new and 1,042 pairs used , 3 jumbo, 69 sacks and1 small sack of foot wears,
  • 427 cartons of Frozen poultry products
  • 25 bales, 29 sacks of secondhand clothing, 12 sacks of Ankara rapper, 4 sacks of yards materials and 5 wraps of lining materials
  • 51 used handbags
  • 583 used tyres

1,181 kegs of PMS (Petrol) of 25litres each

  • 3 bags of sugar (50 kg each)
  • 143 book size, 21 coconut size and 11 sacks of Cannabis Sativa
  • 897 of used tyres
  • 18 sacks of water proof
  • 1 sack of snuff powder
  • 110 sacks of soap chemicals
  • 3 sacks of Alligator pepper
  • 40 x 142, 60 x 200 & 40 x 41android cartons of Itel Phone
  • 1 set of Television

Total Duty Paid Value of the above items is N1, 235, 923, 760.00”.

The Ogun Customs Boss went on, “The seizure of over 29, 905 bags of rice in the first half year of 2019 is indeed a landmark among numerous successes recorded, when compared to 15, 976 bags of rice seized in 2018”.

He emphasised, “The aforementioned was achieved due to strategic enforcement measures put in place, in line with the Federal Government Policy targeted at boosting Agriculture development in the country”.

Comptroller Agbara revealed, “Also, within the period of 1st to 30th June, 2019, the Command generated total revenue of N1,196,146,835.60. While in the area of anti-smuggling we made a total of 83 seizures with the Duty Paid Value, DPV, of N310, 555, 588.00. The items seized include:

  • 30units of vehicles
  • 7,095 bags of foreign rice (50 kg each)
  • 258 kegs of vegetable oil (25liters each)
  • 10 units of motorcycles
  • 7, 572 pairs of new, used and rubber foot wears,
  • 3 bales of secondhand clothing
  • 28 of used handbags
  • 392 cartons of frozen poultry products
  • 200 kegs of PMS (Petrol) of 25litres each
  • 3 sacks of Cannabis Sativa
  • 40 x 142, 60 x 200 & 40 x 41android cartons of Itel Phone
  • 1 set of Television”.

He continued,  “However the above activities were entangled with series of clashes between Officers of the Command and some daredevil smugglers/accomplices leading to loss of lives and properties. The Command will continue to dialogue, engage, sensitize and educate the public on social, security, health and economic implications of smuggling, while on the other hand, the statutory functions of enforcing compliance with strict adherence to the law will be rigorously sustained”.

The CAC enthused, “I wish to commend the sister agencies, opinion leaders, head of traditional institutions, eminent personalities, fourth realm of the estate (the Media) and other law abiding members of the public on cooperation and support we are receiving in properly implementing Federal Government Policies”.

More so, our correspondent observed that Ogun Customs warehouse was filled to the brim with seizures of foreign rice and other prohibited items, as shown on the picture below.

Massive seizure of rice and other items in Ogun Customs warehouse:
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