Premie Uye Okpoyo  committed to  care for his people

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Premie Uye Okpoyo  committed to  care for his people

Story by Asuquo Nuwak

Mr. Uye Okpoyo:

As the Oruko Development Association, Lagos Branch, celebrates its 50 Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) the President, Mr. Premie Uye Okpoyo counts their remarkable achievements and looks forward to greater success in future. The report on  activities of Oruko Development Association Lagos Branch, was made available at Oron Community Centre in Lagos. And towards a successful presentation, Mr. Okpoyo, during the “Launching of Golden Jubilee Calendar, presentation of awards and special thanksgiving Celebration”, counted its achievements, ranging from educating the people and children since its inception in 1968.

In addition to the establishment of Community Health Centre at Edok and Ubodung Community Secondary School, which he said, they were trying to put good look into it (rehabilitate it), which also was one of the factors of their 50 years celebration. The school, according to him, was established in conjunction with the community leaders at home and founding fathers of Oruko Development Association (Oruko Family League) in 1980. He said Oruko, where the school is situated is one of the prominent villages at Ubodung Clan in Oron nation.

He said, “The school has been taken over by the government of Akwa Ibom State. The school has four standard class room blocks, staff office and toilet facilities, which we are planning to put a new look into it, (renovate it).”

Commenting on the challenges so far, he said there is always a challenge in every situation. “In fact, when the people see a challenge, they try to shy away from their responsibility. That has been the major challenge we face. But as God will have it, despite every odd, we keep on moving forward. That is why we are celebrating 50 years anniversary of Oruko Development Association, Lagos Branch”.

“Despite the challenges encountered by the Association, it has awarded scholarship to our sons and daughters in engineering schools and in medical schools. One of them was schooling in University of Calabar (Unical). He is already a medical doctor, now serving in AkwaIbom State. That has been our efforts so far”, he added.

On politics in the country, he noted, “In Nigeria today,  we are facing a lot of horrible situations. For instance, children school feesis not a pleasant situation to Nigerians. So, we want a situation where the people vote their conscience in the 2019 general elections. People should not vote a party, but vote for a candidate that can be able to deliver the dividend of democracy to Nigerian citizens.”

Speaking on the security in Nigeria, he said the security situation in Nigeria today is a very dangerous one. “If you see how Nigerians are dying, it’s not pleasant at all. That is why we must vote for people with the fear of God, because when God’s people are on the throne the people rejoice, but when the wicked ones are the throne, we mourn as we are mourning day and night .

“We are begging God to come to our aid because He is the one who created the country and blessed it with abundant resources, which some people take as their birthright, which is not supposed to be so. The Lord will take charge”.

Commenting on Akwa Ibom 2019 election, he noted, “There will be no violence in Akwa Ibom in 2019 election, this is because Akwa Ibom State is a promised land.  For this reason the people of Akwa Ibom State know what is good for them. They know what to do for themselves and they will follow that direction and allow peace to reign. But whoever wants to cause mayhem that will kill any Akwa IbomIbomite, such a person will never have rest of mind in his own domain”.

Also speaking on the empowerment of the people, Mr. Okpoyo said, “We have been planning on how to raise funds to empower the women and widows. As you can see now, it is the women who are managing homes, all the men have been laid off from their work.

“Women are the ones feeding their families. So, we have been making some efforts to raise money to empower women in our community”.

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