Segment-2 Report: Customs reform is enhancing productivity- Says DC Attah

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Segment-2 Report:

Customs reform is enhancing productivity- DC Attah

By Udeme Clement

CGC Ali Hameed

The National Public Relations Officer, PRO, Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, DC Joseph Attah, has commended the Comptroller-General of Customs, CGC Ali Hameed, on the on-going reform in the Service, stressed that the exercise is enhancing productivity across various Commands in the country.

DC Attah made this known at the recent breakfast meeting with Journalists in Lagos.

He explained, “Implementation of the Presidential mandate on restructuring, reforming and raising revenue by the present management of NCS greatly repositioned the Service for greater productivity”.

He pointed out, “What is challenging but being gradually achieved is the reform of the human person. The need for attitudinal change on the part of stakeholders. Today in Customs, there is increasing disposition to place national interest above self.”

He enthused, “There are many cases of officers and men of Customs resisting attempts to be compromised. One of such examples was the N150 million bribe rejected by officers in the case of Tramadol seizure and arrest of suspects in Apapa and FOU Zone ‘A’, Lagos. We expect our stakeholders to also imbibe this new way of selfless service.”

Responding to question on Customs Police Unit, he informed, “Establishment of this Unit becomes imperative to check acts of indiscipline, as well as other vices not in line with the ethics of the Service. The effectiveness of this Unit is fast turning Customs into a national example for service delivery, aimed at greater economic growth”.

He commended, “As the year draws to an end, NCS wishes to appreciate all the security and regulatory agencies for their support”.

Also speaking, the Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs, ACG KC. Ekekezie,  in charge of Zone ‘A’ said Customs reform has impacted positively on revenue generation for the Federal Government.

She emphasized, “At present, Zone ‘A’ generates about 90 percent of the total revenue for 2018 fiscal year.”

She added, “The media plays a major role in disseminating information to the public.  As such, media reports should be factual, accurate and objective, in order to give the public credible information”.


Segment-2 report:

Here is the second segment of this report, as promised by Financial Business.

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