Executive Profile-2: CLEMENT ISONG: The New Face of MOMAN .Maps strategies to rejuvenate, MOMAN, oil industry

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Executive Profile-2:


.Maps strategies to rejuvenate, MOMAN, oil industry

.Oil industry development in his mind- Says stakeholders’

By Udeme Clement

.Clement Isong … oil industry development in his mind:

The new Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, MOMAN, Mr. Clement Isong, is mapping out sustainable strategies to rejuvenate the oil sector of Nigeria’s economy. His proficiency in oil business within and outside the shores of Nigeria stands him out among other industry players in the country.

Some stakeholders who spoke with Financial Business said that Mr. Isong has served Total Group at various capacities in the industry with exceptional performance and high sense of transparency.

These sterling qualities have endeared many operators in the downstream petroleum sector to him.

His Rising Profile: (Segment-2):  

Born in Lagos State, Nigeria, Clement completed his secondary education at the prestigious Kings College Lagos. His quest for knowledge moved him to study Law at University of Lagos. He attended Nigerian law School, Lagos and was called to the bar in 1982.

His appointment as MOMAN CEO:

Clement retired from the Total Group in June 2017, to join MOMAN, as the Chief Operating Officer. He became the Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer in April 2018.

His duty/expectations:

At present, expectations are high, as Clement is charged with enormous responsibilities of leading MOMAN towards engaging government, relevant agencies and other principal stakeholders to rebuild a sustainable downstream petroleum industry.  A sector that would stimulate tangible growth for optimum productivity, now and in the long-run.

Positions/outstanding records in Total Group:

Clement retired from TOTAL Group as Deputy Vice President for Southern Africa based in Johannesburg from 2013 to 2017, where his job, a stewardship, strategy and development function consisted of bringing his expertise to bear, on the development of Total affiliates in the Southern Africa region. He served as the interface between the Head Office Departments in Paris and Total downstream affiliates in Southern Africa, including Total South Africa, Total Mozambique, Total Malawi, Total Zimbabwe and Total Zambia.

His exceptional performance:

Mr. Clement also made tremendous efforts to establish an affiliate in Angola, even as he was in constant contact with the governments in these countries to help bring Total’s downstream expertise in Oil and Gas to their benefit, as well as developing local citizen’s competences in the oil sector. He was also the General Manager, Total Marketing and Services Competency Centre, a center of expertise in all aspects of the downstream business based in Johannesburg, South Africa but covering Africa region.

His remarkable records in Total Group affiliates in 54:

In 2009, he was appointed Head of Sustainable Development for Africa Middle East Division based in Paris, a position which saw him overseeing the Total Group’s downstream sustainable development activities in Total affiliates in 54 countries, constantly traveling, engaging with such international institutions as the World Bank and the World Health Organisation, as well as many Governments, other Major Multinational Corporations both within and outside the Petroleum Industry, Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Organisations, to bring funding, expertise and collaboration to policies geared towards human development in Africa and the Middle East.

Safety/health Records:

As one of the co-leaders of Total Group, he made tremendous contributions to Road Safety, Renewable Energies, Access to Energy for the underprivileged, health issues such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS and non-transmissible diseases, while on this assignment, he also jointly monitored the building of the Group’s well renowned University partnerships program, which has now extended to over 80 University partnerships worldwide.

His job in Malawi:

In 2006, he was posted to Total Malawi as Managing Director, where he oversaw the acquisition of Mobil Malawi and its integration with Total Malawi to fully realise the benefits of the acquisition. While in this job, he was elected the Chairman of Petroleum Importers Limited, a role which saw him collaborating with the Government of Malawi to review and restructure the country petroleum products import system for the country.

He was appointed General Manager Administration in 2003, where his primary mission was the restructuring of Total Nigeria to fully optimise the benefits of its merger with Elf Nigeria Limited, as well as overseeing human resources and administration of the company to reposition for its future.

Following the Group merger between the Total,Finaand Elf Groups in 2001, the Africa Middle East Division of Total’s downstream business set up a team of experts in collaboration with the consultant firm McKinsey and Co. in a project to identify the best practice from all three companies, as well as building policies, strategies business models and tools for  optimisation of its business in the Africa Middle East Region.

Developing new income streams:

Clement represented Total Nigeria in this project and worked in the Retail Business and New Business teams writing up Africa Middle East Retail policy, developing new income streams and drafting the model dealer license agreement.

His return to Nigeria:

Returning to Nigeria later that year, he took the position of General Manager Strategy and his role was to oversee  implementation of policies and digital tools, which had been defined by the Paris OM+ project team in all aspects of the downstream business such as supply, transport, logistics, purchasing, retail, general trade, and finance, articulate the local affiliate, Total Nigeria’s strategy and benchmark its performance vis a vis its peers in the Nigerian downstream industry and its peers in Total Africa Middle East region. He was also the interface with PPPRC on margin and pricing issues as well as being in charge of building investment files for the Total Nigeria’s key investments such as storage depots, aviation refueling facilities and lubricants blending plants.

His expatriation to France:

Accordingly, Mr. Clement was expatriated to France in early 1997, where he worked in Total’s French retail business in Pricing, Management Controls and Systems Department. Deliberately and systematically exposed to the entirety of Total Retail operations in France, he became an expert in station retail operations, returning to Nigeria in late 1998, where he was appointed the Regional Manager of Total’s Mid-Western Region, where he began implementing the new concepts and models from his stay in Total France retail network.

His recruitment in Total Nigeria Plc:

Recruited by Total Nigeria Plc in Lagos as the Company’s Lawyer on 1st of January 1989, to set up the Company Legal department, he was appointed Company Secretary/Legal Adviser in 1993. He oversaw the legal restructuring of Total’s subsidiaries in Nigeria, including Total Industries Ltd, Nigerian Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Company Ltd, Total Agrik Ltd and Rhone Total.

Clement therefore has significant experience in the downstream oil industry, having traveled extensively in Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Europe professionally, has acquired a vast portfolio of digital tools, processes, organisational models and best practice. He is personally motivated by the implementation of sustainable systems and business models for the development and growth of the downstream oil industry in Africa as a whole and in Nigeria in particular.



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